Duelyst April Poem Contest


P sure all but one so far has been a shitpost about brome.

This is all to do with Argeon.

I value the quality but all of you are just going to like the funny options anyways. >.>


Ode to an Amaranth :wilted_flower:

The flag that signals our victory
Is splattered with the blood of our history.
The flag is red in color; nobody notices the stains of dolor,
But only the cheers from the distillery.

Our fallen soldiers, our fallen priests,
A hundred noble souls lost to the claws of beasts
Must never be forgotten. They must never be forgotten
As long as the sun will rise, the moon will shine, the wind will blow across the skies.

So here are some words to those who had left us.
Those who fought strong, those who stood braver.
Your blood became the swords we forge, the air we breathe, the light we chase
And your hearts became an amaranth, a flame that blooms forever.

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A hero’s triumph at the Gates of Windcliffe

Grrhkrldfhfrghhhhszxf (clears throat)

Hear, ye of our latest win
Hear my tale, ye all
Of great clashing of flesh and skin
And our hero general

The battle began, armies roared
There fell a many of our Sun Seer
While the one who commands our board
Sipped from his Envybeer

To aim their comrades, Silverguards
Rushed to confront the enemy
“Just whatever, let them march”,
said Argeon, never leaving his balcony

Sandshields fell, Arclytes screamed
Half both armies dead
While Argeon, so it seemed
Had gone back to bed

Morning came, no one stood
“After all, everyone sometimes dies”
Said our general, when he arose
Ready to claim the prize

(proceeds to be escorted by Silverguards to become dinner for Azurite lions)

Duelyst April Poem Contest Tie Breaker!
Duelyst April Poem Contest Voting

For now and for long

‘The lions! The lions!’ they roared well prepared.
‘We’ll shred them to pieces!’ they screamed through hot air.
‘Crack the Crestfallen’s heads, burn the Peacekeepers down!
Kill the Windcliffes best vets, and bring me Argeons Crown!’

They where confident, sure even, that they would win.
The Songhai’s Warmasters began now to ring,
all the wardrums, the chants, they started to yell,
‘Kill the Lyonar’s army and let the slaughter begin!’

They stormed in, no fear
With fire’s ready sear.
Though they had not forseen,
the flying Gryffon’s scream

‘They are coming from the hillside where sure no lions live!
How can it be?’ They were in shock as they noticed arrows swift.
It split in half with awful sound - the head
Zendo’s on the ground!’ - 'Don’t move back!

Every single one now shot at last,
Songhai’s army started their barrage.
Blinded by their vengeful minds,
they didn’t see … in time.

‘The lions! The lions!’ they yelled ill prepared.
‘They’ll shred us to pieces!’ they screamed in despair.
Cracking Widowmaker’s heads, ripping Kaido Killers down
For now and for long, Argeon keeps the crown!

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Damn. I love this one.


I am flattered, thank you.


The mighty shield, at his side
The tired king makes his rise
To see the wasted world in it’s war tide
And gaze upon his most bittersweet prize

The crushed ruins, of his land
And blades clutched in cold friends hands
The victory so hard fought and won
Leaves room for only one

left to lift a glass alone
Argeon reflects upon this “happy” day
taking a seat on the bloodstained throne
He thinks, could I have won another way?

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@excogitator kinda happy this is argeon and not brome, cuz if so, youd instantly win imo


When noone likes your poem :cold_sweat:
When someone likes your depression post but not your powm


What does that mean?

Also, the prompt was about Argeon’s victory and not Brome stealing his fame.


Yeah, im just saying if it was, then that beautiful meme would ez win


I’m not talking to you…


Ouch… (notice me poem sempai)


Yeah I did, can’t you see, I liked it.


But… do you love it? :smirk:


My bias will be shown in voting!


I will vote for everyone!


Roses are red
Violets are blue
I just bumped this thread.


So f*** you!

Fixed your poem


No swearing here, this is a Christian thread.

Jokes aside I don’t want to ruin that.