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What’s up my dudes. Finally decided to make a place to post my decks without spamming the whole decklists forum. Below you’ll find decks made for casual play, often with options to make more competitive. After hitting 500 hours with Duelyst, I figured it was worth sharing some decks I’ve made. Ever since Halo 3 Forge I’ve always loved sharing creations with the community involved. Honestly being creative with these decks is the theme. They all have been proven thus far to be able to drag my sorry butt into at least Gold. Many have potential for at least Diamond. Chat it up with me, comment/criticize on my decks, and chill. Thanks bruhs.

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Reborn in Darkness - Non Meta

This deck is probably my first original that helped me place up to gold a few months back. I based it around “Unleash the Evil” as I had never seen anyone use it.

I am pretty casual so I can’t say how it performs at the highest tiers. Its versatility makes games have a crazy smooth flow to them but can depend on the opponent your facing due to the RNG cards. Good pulls really make this deck shine but it doesn’t entirely rely on it.

It probably fails hardest against swarm decks which is why I added in Necrotic Sphere, but it’s pretty situational since you’ll at most get 2 or 3 minions on average. Chakram is a recommended addition. Removing Void Steal and one Dark Transformation. This deck is a gambling thrill made to work with bad pulls but dominate with good ones. No real game plan, just the ability to respond to most anything.




Multiply - Non Meta

This deck is 100% based around interactions with Rizen and Chirpuka. Getting these two cards out as fast as possible while flooding the field with minions. A unique swarm deck in it’s own right, you will get destroyed by Shadow Creep and decks with cards like Plasma Storm and Breath of the Unborn.

So Rizen and Chirpuka are incredibly situational since they rely on opponent minion summons, so the goal is to summon minions for them! Komodo Hunter, Egg Morph, and Spriggin do this for you! These are typically hard cards to justify playing since they don’t really do much at the beginning plus the high cost make combos hard, hence Flash Reincarnation, Celebrant, and Kujata.

Tremor is preferred over a card like Natural Selection as you are much better off stalling than destroying as once you have 3 or 4 Rizen, you’re basically set.Godhammer and Razor Skin are purely included to counter Plasma Storm since Magmar seems to be a very popular faction in higher tiers. Luckily if you manage to make it a turn with Godhammer on, it also counters Breath of the Unborn. You can switch them out for other destruction cards according to your own preference. Egg Morph should do this just fine as the egg also procs Rizen’s and Chirpuka’s ability.

Celebrant is nice for the 4 health as its a nice meat shield in the first 2 turns plus it makes it much easier to play those high cost cards early, especially if you start on the right side.

First turn I typically play Entropic Gaze or Kujata. It’s then best to play Rizen then Flash Reincarnation Komodo Hunter(this turn) or Spriggin(next turn). You’ll find yourself around turn four predicting whether or not you can keep the tides in your favor. You usually either stomp the field or get burnt early. It could use some more draw due to how fast you usually play cards so Tectonic Spikes wouldn’t be bad to include. Mirkblood Devourer also wouldn’t be a terrible addition.

Like I said above, you’ll basically run train on the opponent or be at a complete loss early on. So I wouldn’t recommend this past R15. But when you get that Rizen combo running it is crazy satisfying. Thanks for viewing my dudes.

Recommendations were made to change into a grow deck.Remove Mitotic Induction and Razor Skin. Add in Miloki Huntress and Verdant Fulmination.




Deck? WHAT deck?

This is a card burn deck that has potential to burn an entire deck in as soon as turn four. Possibly faster against swarm decks. Your biggest counters are basic dispel and hard removal cards. So this deck can be hard to get away with, but the meme is worth.

This deck focuses on Mnemovore, but you have other burn cards such as Demonic Conversion, Reaper of the Nine Moons, and Unfathomable Rite.

Your baseline minions are Gor and Sarlac. Getting them out as soon as possible is a priority as they proc Mnemovore’s ability every time they re-summon. You then have other multi-summon cards such as Gloomchaser(can be switched out with another low cost minon like Azure Herald or Prophet of the White Palm based on preference) and Bloodtide Priestess for support. As you’re going to be using Lilith as a meat shield in the beginning of the game, you need Aphotic and Void Pulse for substain.

Once you are comfortable with the board, hopefully you have a Darkfire and a Mnemovore in your hand. If you don’t, keep replacing till you atleast have Mnemovore. If you can’t find a good time, play Unfathomable. Theobule is there for a short combo if you pull a worthless hand from your opponent’s deck. Do not bother playing Shadowstalk unless you have a Mnemovore on the field. If you really need SOMETHING, just use your BBS.

I made this from inspiration to further improve my Reborn in Darkness - Non Meta deck. Pure fun. As always, play in high tiers at your own risk. But its a fun twist to throw in once you’ve just locked into a new tier. Thanks my dudes.

Recommendations made to switch out Demonic Conversion with Inquisitor. Easy summon minions for that deck burn.




The Shimmerforge

While the deck focuses on Alabaster Titan, it runs much deeper than that. Constant sustain and buffs for your minions with a steady stream of draw keeps the energy and flow on your side for the majority of the game. Basically everything you play warrants removal but you never really get shutdown for it.

At the beginning of the game I recommend keeping every Sunrise Cleric you draw as long as you only have one. Sure, this old man can combo with incredible ease with Lady Locke and Surgeforger, but that’s not the reason. Sunriser is honestly what absolutely dominates the field mid game as you build up your force for the inevitable Titan drop. That Hallowed Ground is the easiest way to proc it’s ability. If you’re lucky enough to have a Scintilla, we’re talking 6 damage to everything around it. Early, I recommend keeping Wild Taur if you’re up against Magmar, Sunstone Templar for Vanar and Vetruvian. The rest generally don’t have anything besides hard removal using spells that early so you don’t need anything in particular.

Generally you always want to get Surgeforger out before Lady Locke because the +2/2 to whatever you summon gives some major meat to the Provoke. As you progress your minions should slowly snowball despite Dispel and removal. The most important thing to remember is protecting your minions 5+ mana on even if that means taking big hits to your general. You need atleast one or two minions on the field when you play Alabaster to really milk that cow. When your general really starts to hurt, combo Reliquarian on Alabaster and get 5 health back ez.

Minion substitutions based on personal preference goes as follows: Dreamgazer, Prophet of the White Palm, Azure Herald, Carcynus, Shiro Puppydragon, Bastion, Spelljammer, and Ruby Rifter.

If you really /REALLY/ want more buff, do not bother with Wind Runner, get Mirkblood Devourer. I’ve never really found myself in a position needing an Ironclad or EMP. If you need more damage before Alabaster, switch out War Exorcist with Bonereaper. And if you never find yourself using Reliquarian aim for more draw or heal. I can’t stress this enough however, you HAVE to be willing to take big hits on your general. Save your minions for the late game quick kill.

Recommendations were made to add Sister Sterope to handle far off threats hard to reach.




Numerous as Snow

Here we got a deck made to synergize with Black Locust and then dropping a massive nuke about two turns after. This deck has incredibly high damage potential but needs some edits for higher tier play, so please have a go at it and recommend a few changes.

So essentially your goal is to play Black Locust as soon as possible. You can do that on turn two if you manage to get out a crystal wisp or claim at least one mana spring. Once you got it out and as the game progresses, you need to swamp the field with useless bulk to stall out your opponent momentarily. Once you got four you can safely play Lightning Blitz for the quick buff along with Razorback or run all your Locust’s to the enemies field for a Spirit of the Wild. Now keep in mind every fresh summon of Black Locust counts towards Kinetic Surge so sometimes its a good idea to save it for a turn till you can really push out those numbers. Ideally you’ve dealt around 5 damage to the enemy general by then and can go in for a single drop ending the game swiftly.

You have cards like Icy and Gravity Well to stall the enemy as you don’t really need to worry about removal. Moonlit Basilysk to punish removal spells being used on your Locust and Hearth-Sister for comfortably managing the field. Now you don’t need Locust to win the games, you can actually manage a few more combos especially with Spirit of the Wild. Essentially, my locust had been burnt due to a few spells but luckily I had a Basilysk. Was up to 11 attack, smashed the general, played Hearth-Sister to put it on the edge of their field then played Spirit for an easy 22 damage and ending the game.

Still, nothing more satisfying than multiplying four Locusts, moving them with Lightning Blitz, then using Spirit or Razorback for what amounts to instant death.

The deck definitely needs some tweaks. You have some major opportunities swarming the field especially if you get a Lightning and Kinetic off after already having a few numerous low cost minions played. Jaxi, Shiro Puppydragon, and Bastion are some considerations I’ve put some thought into. Have a go at it! Thanks my dudes.


What are these rookie numbers smh

Jk, always happy to see more people out there memestering :slight_smile:


I have a fairly similar concept to the What Deckbyssian but based on another principle: Maehv and sacrifice in name of Reliquarian. Your entire toolkit is converted around stripping away tools from your foe and mowing them down into sacrifice goodies - after all, you can be assured of having deck on pair with your enemy’s if you take his for your personal usage.


Thanks. Low they may be, but I think I only have three other games who beat that play time.


Yeah I love the stealing. The gambling on what you’re gonna grab adds a lot of spice.




You’re talking Warhammer ritual suicide level craziness right there.




Whazza my dudes. Got here a different take on the Dervish swarm decks but with more corpses. Less about swarming the field and more about creating a sustainable swarm. Rewards trades to your side with a big part of this deck, Corpse Combustion.

Opening turn you want to prioritize Sarlac, Arid Unmaking, and Duskweaver. Throughout the game you should horde minions and wait for one big trade you can combo with Corpse Combustion. Leading up to that burn as many Scion’s as you can to create removal bait on useless minions like Sarlac or Iron Dervishes so you can save your Dying Wish minions for combo. Corpse Combustion is probably best played with Khanuum-ka. Especially once you get some Exhuming sands going.

If you really want to you can swap out some cards for Cataclysmic Fault, but I feel like that kinda dulls down the nature of the deck. Can’t deny the results though. Consider other cards such as Rae and Jaxi. Jaxi great bait with Scion’s. If you want more draw and don’t mind RNG, Z0R may be your best bet. Feel like the other cards are too high cost to be worth. So I would swap out existing cards worth the same cost. This Abyssian/Vetruvian love child will tickle the heart of any mummy curse enthusiasts. TAGLINE!




What’s up my dudes. Got a new deck here with all the makings of an Abyssian swarm deck and a small twist. A tornado of buffs and debuffs gives you momentum early game.

While this is a swarm deck, it is made to synergize with Scarzig. Darkfire for early play, Lure for target selection, Inkhorn for extra damage, Siren for a lowcost debuff. Void Steal and Horrific Visage for added control. Mirkblood is a recommended summon before Scarzig if you can. Xerroloth brought in to punish spells and make up for the lack of powerful minions in your deck. Placement of your minions is the most important part of this deck. Knowing how to body block, maximize Void Steal, and combo Mirkblood with the Opening Gambit minions. Grandmaster is finisher provided the game is still going, which is rare. The deck is pretty straightforward.

Try to get Feather Knight up as soon as possible. If you lose it, oh well, you got two more in your deck that you don’t have to transform anymore. Typically the opponent is forced to burn removal on Scarzig leaving you chance to swarm with Bloodtide or Xerroloth and vice-versa. This deck is quirky but Chakram and Scarzig is absolutely murderous.





What’s up my dudes. Got here my bread and butter deck and after slowly tweaking it over the last few months I feel I have almost perfected the formula… Minion buffs and spell nullifiers make this deck a Songhai nightmare and the capability to go head to head with some of the toughest minions out there. Careful of dispels though. It’s good at constantly chugging along at its own pace and responding to most anything with atleast some grace.

I originally based this around Sol Piercer. Trying to make the most annoying ranged minion ever but looking at all the Zeal benefits really sparked the rest.Between the buffs and Spell Immune statuses, you make early game play against you somewhat challenging. Brome is easily the best general for this deck because Marching Orders grants you a magically immune 3/4 Crestfallen plus whatever’s behind you. The only (mobveable)minion in your deck that doesn’t have Zeal is Sunstone. He is great removal or removal bait. Plus he’s probably the best minion in your deck to use Prism Barrier on. The rest is self explanatory. Create minions buffed to hell that are free of being targeted by spells. Nothing too special about it but it gets the job done.

If you like having to maximize your effectiveness by positioning yourself correctly and working the board like its chess, this deck will help sate that thirst. Great casual play and doesn’t take long to get used too. And yes, War Judicator with Aegis is amazing, but I found it easier to play with just Aegis and Marching Orders. Thanks guys.


I like your decks’ names :slight_smile:

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