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Duelyst 2019 Power Rankings

Do you have any interest/plans in making a “Popularity Ranking”?

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Can’t say I do.

Not sure quite how I’d go about that. But last year I was curious enough myself to record the enemy player in 240 spectated games (40 of my own 25 from 8 other S rankers). I guess I can share that: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1V4wUlCADd7qTQ79vKnsonbfy0F1t0KlgHcGTn9pob2o/edit#gid=0
You only need to care about the first 3 columns to read it but the individual results are left there for the curious. Since some people played the same guy twice in a session or whatever. Also very out of date, but probably cose enough given it’s base inaccuracy anyway.


Trying to rank popularity. I don’t know how that would go, especially since preferences would change much more often than the power of decks.


By popularity, I meant how often you see a deck on the ladder, not how much people like it. And to measure it, you’d just have a couple players count the deck types that their opponents used, just as niklaren did above.

But yeah, that Nik’s populariy data was pretty interesting. Basically, wanderer rag, as expected, was the most played by far. There’s almost no other wanderers.

Next up are Ziran, Fault and Shidai Arcanyst, which makes sense because they’re on the power list.

Vaath, Xor and Kaleos are almost as popular Ziran, Fault and Shidai arcanyst, despite not making the power list. That’s pretty unexpected.

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