Duelyst+1 Deckbuilding/Discussion Thread


Since duelyst+1 is so unique, I thought we could kinda have a thread where we build decks for it, and set up practice matches. Good idea?

Current ruleset: https://battlefy.com/duelyst1-team/duelyst1-first-round-heavy-hitters/58794ff5fd204240039398ff/info


Nobody? welp…


I have no clue what this is.


It’s a tournament with specific rules. The current one (?) is : You cannot do less than five damage at a time or you lose.
One was that you have to touch all four corners of the board to win.


I’d be down for that, though it’d be nice if you could keep a fresh link on the latest tournament and its rules on the OP whenever it changes


My vanar deck. What do you guys think?
Probably might wanna replace the iceblade with a golem.


If anyone wants to practice that would be great. I’m testing my lyonar one right now.


I think that you might need some removal other than Enfeeble. You have big dudes too so it might not be that great of a card to cast. Especially since you have combo pieces. Aspect of the Mountains might actually be decent in this format because it will be much slower. 5 AoE damage to minions then 5 additional damage to whatever is a ton of value.


Here is mine. It is just a slight variation of my favorite deck, Vaath Ultimate Control-

I am not sure if I am going to enter, but I will for sure watch some of the matches. I am gonna be pretty busy the next couple days, but I would be down for some practice matches. You can add me if you want, and if we happen to be on at the same time we should definitely have a few sparring matches!


Sounds good! I’ll be looking forward to it.


Teching in some Rust Crawlers is probably a very good idea for this format, breaking Regalia’s is going to be very hard otherwise.


These are some decks that I came up with for this event, I have a very small collection so most of my hopes and dreams are resting on golems sticking around to get buffed (I did get a 26/8 stormetal golem in my first test so it can’t be that bad :stuck_out_tongue:) .


Huh, never thought of using golems.

I must be stupid


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