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Duelyst 1.80by Counterplay Games / February 2, 2017

Patch 1.80 should be available on Feb 2nd around 4PM PST.

Balance Changes

We are making balance changes to two cards: Entropic Gaze and Grandmaster Variax.

Prismatic versions of these cards are disenchantable for full spirit value for approximately 1 week after the change.

Entropic Gaze – Damage dealt reduced from 4 to 2.

Magmar games are ending slightly faster than we’d like due to how easily they can win with cards from their action bar. We’re reducing Entropic Gaze’s damage to shift its focus towards decks that care about players drawing cards, instead of it being used primarily as just another finisher.

Grandmaster Variax – Cost increased from 7 to 8. Stats increased from 7/7 to 8/8.

While we love that Grandmaster Variax has a significant (and AWESOME) impact when summoned, the combination of early mana spring tiles and Darkfire Sacrifices are allowing her to take over games too consistently in the early turns. We are shifting the Grandmaster up to an 8-cost minion so that she can continue to crush games, just a little less early and a little less often.

Monthly Quest – Common Crate Key

For the duration of February, we are adding a one-time monthly quest (complete 15 quests) that rewards 1 Common Crate Key.

New Boss Battles Arriving Soon

We’re loading up even more bosses for you to battle. Expect to see some familiar faces, with colorful twists, in the coming weeks.

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

  • Added a “pending” icon for completed matches where post-game results have not been processed by the server. Matches that “hit a snag” should no longer show up as losses by default on your match history, but will instead show “pending” until the server processes the match results.

Upcoming / Roadmap

  • Continuous Draft / Rainbow Deck mode (as previewed in last patch notes).
  • Card Expansions for 2017 – so many new cards!
  • Duelyst for Android and iOS.
  • Duelyst for console.
  • Localization, translation, and international release.

Don’t Forget Your Free Keys!

If you haven’t already, you can claim free Common Crate Keys for following Duelyst on Social Media.

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Monthly Quest not showing
We need a fixed post for duelyst memes

Finally! Now when an angry dinosaur man has a scary look in his eyes, it only does 2 damage instead of 4! Perfect!

:sob:Rip my dreams of getting to S Rank


My thoughts:

Both of these changes seems incredibly good at toning down the power of cards that can lead to unfun situations while leaving the current metagame more-or-less intact. If the intention is to fix things that have slipped under the cracks without affecting the meta too much, these changes are excellent. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good in that problem cards have been fixed. It’s bad since the meta will probably stay stagnant until the next big change. I’m not sure what to feel, but at least entropic gaze gets nerfed and Variax gets a stat line and cost the fits the sprite better (such symmetry!).

As for the Bosses, is that Black Zendo!? I don’t care about the Starhorn looking guy, but… Black Zendo!


Some really sensible changes and updates, nice! I am surprised you didn’t quickly work in a fix for Excelsious though. I don’t play it, but still.

Will enjoy seeing how this impacts the meta :slight_smile:



Can we add set icons on cards for a future update as well?


“Sensible” would’ve been Gaze making 3 Damage instead of 4 and making Variax 8 7/7. So I disagree with both changes.
I also think there was more cards then the two that was problematic. Variax is still I think.


I’m honestly not going to hold my breath for the meta changing. The nerfs are nice, but they don’t touch Argeon or Faie at all, and Magmar isn’t too distraught over Gaze.


I feel like CPG has dropped the ball again. I guess I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up for a more thorough balance patch when they passed over it last time, but come on! Can CPG realize that Starhorn was a dumb design choice in the first place? If you’re not going to push the game to fatigue that hero power should never have been added, especially if you want to push aggressive styles with it. Gaze was added to the game to support an archetype that should have never existed, and I’m tired of waiting for CPG to realize it on their own. In addition, this variax change doesn’t even address the issue that the patch note speaks to. Darkfire Sacrifice is the offender because while it used to be an interesting tool to help the faction that lacked early and midgame, its now just a tool for the faction with cards good at all stages to ramp ahead to massive threats. 3/10 Patch because the stuff following the balance changes was at least positive.


Srsly that’s all the balance changes? -_- what a joke


I agree with the change to EG. That however was not enough. (Flash +) Decimus + Tectonic Spike is still a problem. My suggestion would be to change Decimus to a 5/5 for 5 mana or maybe even 5/4.

I disagree with the Variax change since it changes nothing in regards to it being too oppressive for other slow control decks. It just makes it worse against aggro decks. The BBS buff should have been made dispelable.



Anyway these nerfs looks about right in the end, so thumbs up :smile:

I hoped for some buff to underused cards tho


That’s it? Really?
This doesn’t solve all problems but it’s at least something. And I appreciate non-Blizzard approach to nerfs, by that I mean not nerfing everything to the ground.


This is exactly the patch I have been waiting for, again you never cease to amaze <3

As many pro players said over and over again, the meta is in one of the best stats in the game’s history and CPG doesn’t fail to stay strong with the statics only they can see behind the scene: different factions are all having high play rates than maybe ever? Starhorn is finally valid and Ziran is top tier general. If Vet is a little weaker then soon with next expansion we’ll see new cards that gives them more validity. Kara under played? How they cured Starhorn will probably work on Kara too; adding cards to make her work better. I am very happy, thanks guys! Didn’t fail my hype <3


This patch was perfect. Minimal changes is the best style of changes.


Entropic Gaze would have probably been okay at 3 damage, now I think it’s really weak and only useful in decks built around it. I don’t know about Variax, I was expecting it to be changed to require a setup in Lilithe.

I was surprised of not seeing other nerfs, but let’s go ahead


The issue with Gaze was its burst damage, the issue with Variax was the speed at which it can enter the board. These changes touch both elements, so sensible changes. I’ll look forward to the arguments for other changes as the implications of this patch sink in.


Woah now, nerf but don’t make it unplayable.

Pretty happy with these changes. Entropic Gaze should still be good. Variax ramp won’t shut games down, and if your control deck has a win condition at all you should be fine against a Variax deck. The meta slows slightly but stays generally where it’s at, which is a great spot.


Where… where are you getting this from? The top generals right now are Vaath, Argeon, Cass, and Faie. Hell, the entire reason Vaath shot up was because he uses Starhorn’s tools better than Starhorn.


I would still like to see the decimus spike combo go, but until that day we just keep racing face. Besides Songhai does the same thing anyway just in a slightly different way.

I didn’t see anything to hoist Vet a little but I believe that will probably come in the form of an expansion and until then it is best to just wear Zirix sunglasses when your opponent pulls some ridiculousness.

The nerf to Variax is going to be very close to a tipping point for her against aggressive decks. Time and a lot of match data will tell the tale.


While not top tier, Starhorn is definitely playable. Even tournament viable. Ziran in my opinion isn’t top tier, but definitely strong now, as opposed to being just barely playable pre expansion. She is most certainly tournament viable, and her play and success in recent tournaments has led many to believe she is one of the best, although I don’t share that opinion.

It’s not like this dude is just pulling opinions out of the air.