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honestly an “evolve” mechanic would be super fun (yet confusing) maybe it could be an alternate game mode where you choose minions from a set and if you kill an enemy without dying or win the duel with it still alive on the board a certain number of times, it is allowed to rank up into the next form (like pokemon) sort of like something between gauntlet and rift mode but with a smaller more predictable pool to choose from


Lets not even mention the Jax, Spriggin or Komodo series, but what about…

Pureblade > Ziran

Heartseeker > Reva

(I feel like this one needs a middle evolution, but nothing fits quite right)

Fiz > Azurite Lion > That New Armored Lion Thing


You could put pretty much any 3 Abyssian ladies together and call it an evolution, but what about the ones with flaming skulls and blue hair?

Skull Prophet > Death Knell > Variax

There’s also this one, which is more like a combination… could also be Rok > Cloaker > Dasher if you like the white icy rock feel

Crystal Cloaker > Ghost Wolf > Sleet Dasher

Lantern Fox > Onyx Jaguar

You can almost lead this with Xho


whybot why did you do this

You could even toss in Skyrock Golem, Quahog and Brightmoss Golem if you felt like it.

Okay maybe I was reaching just a little, but I’ve always enjoyed these.


Making an evolve mechanic wouldn’t be hard. The easiest way to do it would be meet condition; remove buffs and reset damage; upgrade minion. It would function similarly to Sentinel minions.

For example, to evolve the tiny Warpup into the mighty Makantor Warbeat: “When this destroys a minion on your turn Evolve it”

The evolve trigger can be anything: X+ spells,. X+ minion deaths, X+ health gained this turn, X+ minions on board, X+ attack/defense, X+ cards drawn/overdrawn this turn, artifact breaks, successful backstab, minion survives combat damage, evolve at start of turn, evolve at end of countdown timer, etc.

There’s a lot of buttons and dials that can be used which often leads to good mechanics. Seeing what minions could evolve into what is cool, but I’m curious to see which hurdles need to be jumped in order to get there.


eh, the fiend and elemental feel kinda forced, but they could work on their own
yun is totally the shiny version of magma


Don’t be racist against other colors

And you’re totally right it was sHINY THE WHOLE TIME my b


First stage: Dying wish: take control of an enemy minion. Summon a new minion on this space.

Second stage: also that but with higher stats

Third stage: higher stats


wait, i just realized theres mind steal, mindlathe, psychic conduit, dominate will, and reaper of the 9 moons


Technically all of those are stealing cards and not trading.
You forgot the actual trade card, Joseki.
I’m thoroughly disappointed.


dude, ill trade you 3 joseki for a variax, blood baronette, and wraithling with rush


Ritual Banishing is kinda also trading.

I’ll trade my Wraithling for your Juggernaught. That’s fair, right?


How about no


The most obvious one in Songhai.

Panddo > Battle Panddo > Kindling



I believe eternity painter should fit there. Alternative evolution of Battle Panddo?


Sworn Sister is kinda like Eevee. It should be able to evolve into any of the other sisters. There’s a reason it’s neutral. :wink:


i was wondering how to do that since all the sisters are kinda equal, but then i saw rook and was like “rook totally looks like a beefed up version of lkian”


It even curves properly :smiley: and is mostly the same tribe. It also gradually shifts from a bipedal, to a quadraped, and back again at the end.

I was just going to post Rage-Lasher-Juggernaut but figured I may as well go the rest of the way.

Pretty much any golem and or magmar combination works.


Damn, you guys are good at it. Not only in quantity but the quality also.

Hope I can find one you guys didn’t find yet


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