Duelymon stuffz


ive always known this, but when looking at the new spoilers and old sprite art its just fun to look at duelyst minions as pokemon-ish things with evolution lines and everything.
like this
i just want a thread where we can joke about this

Young Flamewing_idle --lvl 30–> Emberwyrm_idle

Spellspark_idle–love–>Sun Elemental_idle–lvl 45–>Firestarter_idle
Bloodsworn Gambler_idle–max food–>Decimus_idle


Who thinks that CPG should actually create a new archetype for Magmar where certain minions can turn into eggs at the end of their turn and then next turn if they are still alive they can evolve to their next stage of evolution? If anything else the meme-ness would probably be 11/10. Terradon, I choose you!


Well one thing we know is that no Duelyst minion will evolve through trading. :disappointed_relieved:


just imagine something thats a mix of sphynx, desolator, and astral crusader


yooooo, this looks like fun

Nice work btw


Seriously only thing I can think of is

Gif :arrow_right: Gif :arrow_right: Gif

#MakeAllSilitharsGreatAgain ?


can we make evovled a thing and give it to these cards

Evolve (x) at the start of your turn transform into x


image   :arrow_right:   image   :arrow_right:   image

amiadoinrite? :slight_smile:



I don’t think that’s quite how it works, but I like the concept (and the speed you put this together)


Yeah, but I mean more like put a minion somewhere safe, at the end of your turn it turns into an egg. At the beginning of the next turn the egg hatches and evolves into a 2.0 version and so forth until version 3.0. The slithar thing is a good example, but with new minions because those minions already have their individual and unique abilities especially for the Magmar Egg archetype.


Your quota for using this gif as answer to me is now over :stuck_out_tongue:



I wasn’t aware I had a quota


really? the only one?
Azure Horn Shaman_idle :arrow_right: Blue Conjurer_idle
Warpup_idle :arrow_right: Makantor%20Warbeast_idle
Saberspine Cub_idle :arrow_right: Saberspine Tiger_idle


When they said “Magmar” and “Eggs” - yish.

Is it the only evolution?

Silverguard Squire_idleSilverguard Knight_idleGif


War Priest


BAMF with Claws

Non-human Torch

You know, there’s oodles. But nothing jumped to me as much as “Magmar + Eggs” as the original Silithar trilogy.


Guys, these are cool evolution’s you are posting, but the concept I was proposing was a way to give Magmar more egg support. It doesn’t have to only be Magmar that gets this, but you have to find a way to justify it in other factions. Also it has to be new minions with these abilities not minions that already exist right now such as slithar and you needd spell cards to support.


maybe those 2?


I’m starting to think I’m being trolled…


I think people decided to answer the original poster and to stay in topic … which is understandable, as he choosed and started this. Maybe you should create your own egg related thread ? :confused:


you know i think you could squeeze in mandrake with the BAMF claws set
Mandrake_idle :arrow_right: Gif:arrow_right: Gif

also, the inquisition really does a number on ya when you have to switch to being left handed
Phalanxar_idle :arrow_right:Inquisitor Kron_idle

i dont know how i missed this
Sworn Sister L'Kian_attack :arrow_right: Rook_attack


Just thought that it would be interesting to casually discuss possible cards for the game without starting a thread and making it too serious when I honestly don’t know enough about Magmar. Plus the title says Duelymon and the concept I proposed was similar to pokemon in a sense, but live and let live I suppose.

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