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Drop rates in Shimzar


This is not a complaint, just a genuine question. Only after knowing the answer, I might complain a little bit :slight_smile:

It is known that the drop rates of Shimzar are lower than the ones of the core set. If I recall correctly a comment by the developers on the forums, however, they should not be significantly lower. The developers’ expectation was that the change was not really noticeable to the average user.

However, it seems to me that the drop rates of Shimzar are quite worse than the ones of the core set. I bought the 50 packs pre-order in August and I got most of the commons and rares from there already. After that, it seems I most often open packs with only more commons and rare, which get immediately turned into spirit. It seems to me it’s quite hard to find epic and legendaries in Shimzar. Again, I don’t want to cry about this, but I was wondering whether the actual quantitative decrease of the drop rates has ever been disclosed / estimated by the community.

Also, more strategically, I wonder how other players in my same situation behave when buying packs. Do you still buy Shimzar packs or do you find it more convenient to open more packs from the core set? Based on limited observations, the average spirit value of my Shimzar packs seems to be around 70 spirits. Is it any good or would it be more convenient to push for the core set?

Thanks for reading, I hope this does not violate any forum rule.


The average spirit value of Shim’Zar orbs is 12% lower than core set, while the legendary drop-rate is 20% lower. See this thread for data.

Unlucky streaks happen.

As for Shim’Zar, I recommend not opening more orbs after getting most commons/rares, and just crafting what you’re missing with the core set’s superior spirit value, and more cards you actually desire.


There has been a shimzar orb opening thread where the droprates were estimated based on data provided by the community. Its 1 leg every 5 packs in shimzar compared to 1 leg every 4 packs in the core set. 20% decrease. So id say its noticeable but not a huge deal either.

Regarding orb opening behavior, i pretty much stopped opening shimzar orbs once i had most of the usable cards. I still miss a few things here and there of all rarities but i rather take the higher average DE value from the orb set and craft the cards than opening shimzar orbs hoping for that specific leg i want to show up and waste tons of value along the way.


Thanks to both of you for the detailed answers!

I think I will stick to buying core packs, unless someone else has a different point of view. The data are very clear though.


Question answered, and well at that, going to lock thread.

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