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Drawggro starhorn


Low curve, decispikec combo, araras because his spell draws a card, visionair seems strong here, also haruspex is a formidable body and vindicator grows massively from only one draw spell.

Silither is just sticky and a body block, but after testing azure herald might be needed there


For me, upper hand is questionable here, but i have no ideas for something other


How did Prophet suit you? I find it an odd play in an Aggro deck, even with the draw synergy.


not running makantor and lavaslasher is wrong, I also don’t think either araras prophet or flameblood are good 2 mana plays, as for upper hand, I think thumping wave is better for your deck as it can also work as burst


I didn’t build the deck yet, to poor to craft 3 vindicators and 1 haruspex

True, i forgot that thumbing wave is back in the game.

I’m really unsure about 2 drops here, the only one I wanted to include was araras. I usually run silithar/something/metallurgist because i carry the whole golem package, but in this situation all 2 drops seem equally uncontributing to me


How about this? I think upper hand is solid here, it should be doing four-plus damage most of the time considering you can force lots of card draw. At six mana it combos with entropic gaze and seeking eye, or tectonic spikes, for an almost-guaranteed six damage, which covers most of what you’ll be running into. If you don’t get a warlock or kujata for a two-mana play, you can entropic gaze them, or hold a natural selection and kill whatever they put down, or flash reincarnation something out. The odds of either getting a two-drop or a flash and one of your haruspexes are high enough that you’ve got a statistically solid chance for a good start. I thought about sticking greater fortitude in here instead of natural selection, but decided against it.


Interesting choice for just 2 2 drops, I get your reasoning. Did you try the deck out?


A couple of things. If you’re running flameblood in a magmar deck, never forget yer boi rancour. A turn 1 rancour can lead to some pretty crazy face output on turn 2 if it sticks. And sticking for one turn is good enough. At least in gold, people tend to underestimate rancour’s potential and let it stick a bit, or just don’t have removal. either way it ensure your other cards live on and kill them. Invigoration is the best healing magmar has, and you can play it without any tempo loss alongside whatever else you have. It also makes this coin flippy aggro deck a lot more consistent, since now you’re often able to outheal attrition decks such as healyonar. I believe there was an article on bagoum about anti anti aggro starhorn deck tech(i think) that led to me including this.( that guy ran earth sphere). Armada is also an excellent finisher that should be worth crafting. A single armada leaves a nutty body on board and pings for five, and if the situation is good enough, mills as well. elucidator is here because of the beautiful combo that it gets with rancour. I’ve smacked face with a 11/3 rancour before, and got an instaconcede. It’s always worth it. I tend to run claws because it finds utility occasionally, or the damage is just worth it. That being said, you can replace that with thumping since that’s back. This is my current list, and I’m at gold 7 with it right now. I think I should be able to break into diamond with it, but who knows.

I know the removal is questionableuseless and unnecessary, but I have a vendetta against swarm and till swarm falls out of the meta, I will be playing 4 aoe cards in every deck.


Lavaslasher doesn’t suit fast burn horn lists and as we can see by the Flame Bloods in your list we can see that the deck is very fast but still include Makantor.


Idk tbh. Slasher puts in work in my lists, so I think it’s more of a playstyle difference than anything. If anything, I cut spell removal before anything else, as horn has to stay the aggressor to win


Did I try the deck out? Not in the slightest, I’m afraid, pure theorycrafting. I’m not sure I want to drop the thousand spirit on the visionars, I’ll probably wait and see what @deathsadvocate does with Starhorn in his new decklist, whenever that thing shows up. @fr0stfyre1 is right about the rancours, they should go in instead of the kujatas.

I have no idea if this deck would actually be much good or not, it really depends on how good visionars are or aren’t. They’re huge bruisers that only get bigger, and they’re still major threats after dispel, and they live through rebuke, but they’re still five-mana minions that do nothing the turn they’re summoned and, as you say in Magic: The Gathering, die to doom blade.


They might be good in a deck that’s absolutely full of huge low-to-mid-cost threats like this, where you’ve got twelve minions that demand hard removal, or dispel in the case of the vindicators and decimus. Testing is required.

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