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Draw Magmar? is it viable :/

Yes i dont normally play magmar but it suddenly peaks my interest in the draw combo, maybe it’ll top? maybe not? pls inspect dis (just made it for lols)

There is not a “draw magmar” as you can say, because there is not enough cards to make it an archetype. However, it is strong enough to be in most kinds of decks. Thats why everyone complains about the deci spikes combo. Vindicator is also commonly run of late to combo off even earlier with spikes in order to compete with the pressure to have a slower meta generated by the mythrons release


Just want to point out that you have 5 2 mana minions. While it is too little for any deck, it is especially bad for Magmar without natural selection. Even more it is bad for the tactics of your choice, since decispikes prefers more aggressive approach usually.

Oh, it’s more than merely viable.

Anti Draw Starhorn: Highly Competitive


I’m just gonna leave this here for you. @deathsadvocate says you’re welcome, and have fun murdering people with your twelve-thousand-spirit deck. I’m personally just two haruspexes away from building this murder machine, and I’d be running it already but I’m avoiding crafting Trials of Mythron legendaries until I stop opening orbs for it.

Edit: Herp Derp. I don’t own vindicators yet. Well, they’ll be the next legendary I craft, then.


He has flash reincarnation so he really doesn’t have 5 2 drops.I don’t like his 4 drops for flash reincarnation but if force to he can play them turn one.

As for the deck it is surprisingly standard,They are bunch of stuff like Earth sphere,bounded lifeforce and either or plasma or rebuke that i wouldn’t play because I would be more focused on doing damage. Also Vindicator is just not that good the game has to much removal and it will be removed before it can do anything. You put young Silthar,Haru,Lavaslasher, Mankantor in almost any deck it will be solid.


Vindicators are good because they’re three-drops that can become monstrosities. If they get removed that’s fine, your opponent still has to worry about your lavaslashers and haruspexes.

Edit: Speaking of which, a flashed haruspex is terrifying, so that front is covered pretty well.


Didn’t keep in mind reincarnation. Thanks for pointing that out.

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@deathsadvocate u got a sponser now

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and i totally forgot about golem lol

Figured I’d share mine too. It’s broken into high s multiple times and is somewhat different from the DA route


Heh. Basically. I’ve been telling most people who ask for deck advice to just read @deathsadvocate’s list for a while now.

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Drawhorn is actually really good in this meta from my experience. Since a lot of decks currently are either running Mythrons or slower - esque decks, a lot of your draw effects (bbs, Haruspex, Ectopic Gaze, Blaze hound) become bonuses rather than drawbacks. Because you run a lot of draw effects, you have a very good chance of pulling of Decispikes in a game to really burn your opponent. I also found that you can run enough pings to deal with pesky artifacts, particularly against Sajj.

EDIT: My current list (feedback appreciated):


have possitive win rate atm (bout 90%) but im still on my way from silver, will get back to this once ive reached S or diamond

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This is similar to what I play I have deep impact and Krater in my deck.Deep Impact and pings help you deal with pesky stuff. After the golem and good stuff package(young silthar,golem metallurgist,rage binder, lavaslasher, mankantor) and Spike package(gaze, spikes,Decimus).It is kinda personal choice.


I’d drop gaze, plasma and earth sphere down to two-of’s and shove in homeostatic rebuke. But then, I put three homeostatic rebukes in anything Magmar.

But seriously it solves so many problems.

wth i thought this is dead

oh yea yes draw magmar is gud got to diamond with aggro cass though


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