Draft my Gauntlet!


So since I’m terrible at draft game modes, I’ve decided to let the forums draft my Magmar deck. So let’s get into it!

Our first pick, Forum, is Spirit Harvester, Reincarnation, or Egg Morph?


It would be better for you to get drafting help from discord. That would provide a more immediate response without having to wait hours, if not days, to get feedback.


Fair enough, I’m not really looking for feedback, I thought it might just be a fun forum game to let a bunch of strangers on the forum draft my deck and then upload it to youtube. :stuck_out_tongue:


Then you better post the video at the end of the thread. I’m gonna go with not harvester. Leaning towards flash reincarnation.


Well, I’ll give it over night, and if this post doesnt receive a satisfactory number of responses I’ll take my post to discord, and reddit, and make it a team effort of the various duelyst multi-media platforms. If your choice is flash reincarnation, I will make flash reincarnation my first pick.


Dont think it’s gonna work too well here tbh. You might have better luck with discord


I like the idea of a forum game like this!

Hmm, are you going for fun or wins? Depending on that, these are my opinions:
If fun, take Spirit Harvester (also quite good btw, close second imo).
If win, take Egg Morph.


But don’t forget reincarnating an elder is usually a win.