DotD Finale Decks


Hey, I just won the second DotD finals in a row to maintain no one else having that crown, and this time it was about a 3700 prize pool! I thought I’d go over some of the reasons I brought the decks I did, and share the decks I used. These decks also helped me win a bunch of other tournaments lately as well. This time for Conquest, even though I love to bring 3 counters to a popular deck, I felt I had the 3 best decks that other people weren’t really using. So I figured I may as well abuse me having better decks. The decks were also slightly teched towards Cassyva to make sure she has a very rough time if people bring it.

My reva deck that I’ve been using since forever. I believe this is the best deck in the game next to kara decks, and it’s pretty hard to pilot. I feel I play it the best with an over 90% winrate in tournaments with it and I’m not really scared of most Songhais in the mirror since it is hard to play optimally, so I definitely feel confident to win most match ups with it. It’s my comfort zone deck so I always try to bring this deck. I won 6 other tournaments in the past 2 weeks with it as well, so It definitely is a great deck.
As for actual strategy though I originally created this type of reva to do well with Kara even if it’s only a 50/50 matchup or 55/45, and It does its job to deal with Kara, just happens to do very well vs everything else too.

My Kara Deck I just recently made, and it’s insanely broken right now. I thought mech decks were bad currently, and they basically are, but this deck is a whole other type. It plays almost exactly like normal Kara but with the chance to auto win for no reason with crazy mech hands. Ontop of this, wings+snow chaser is another auto win turn 1, and the scariest part is it’s a 3 phase deck.
If you somehow deal with the 100s of broken auto win openers this deck has, then somehow deal with mech, you still need to be able to somehow survive Kara tigers. I originally made the deck when I was helping a friend out with Kara mech. He had a really sloppy spell-heavy version, and I thought that was a poor way to go at Kara, so I tested a very spell-less deck for him and it turned out to be imo the best deck in the game. I brought it since it was still a big surprise to players since they aren’t used to mech yet, especially this type of mech Kara.

My Lyonar deck has been very good to me lately. It helped me win a few other tournaments when I wanted a counter to Cassyva, or a “Safe” deck against Reva. It’s heavily teched towards Reva and Cassyva, since my Songhai, Kara, and Zirix already do so well in those matchups I wanted to make sure one of those two can’t beat one of my decks as consistently to get by. It’s very good, slo surprisingly was one of the best cards in the deck even with no synergy. I originally had it due to wanting extra survivability and tempo against Reva, but It’s just so good in general. Taking a mana tile to play dioltas turn 1 is broken, taking tile turn 2 to zen’rui when your opponent doesn’t expect it, or in general trapping them while you hide an ironcliffe to play around Egg Morph.

My Zirix Deck did what I wanted it to, which was just get banned every time lol. This was by far my weakest point and I had nearly no practice with it, but luckily everyone banned it. I thought this was hilarious, since the last DotD finals I brought a Cassyva deck that I thought I’d lose if i had to play it, but I had no other deck options. So both finals people 100% banrated the 2 decks I hoped would get banned ;D. This deck is very strong though, It was mainly to make sure Cassyvas can never win against me.

If you have any questions feel free to ask! for vods


Thanks for posting your lists, these will help a lot! (but why mech kara :confused: )

I have a question about your reva deck: you only have 5 1-2 drops, excluding the tuskboars, so what do you do turn 1 if you don’t draw into them? Or is playing tuskboar not too bad?


wow, you really dont like cassyva


Congratulations on the win J! Really nice decklists.


I run 11 total turn 1 plays, bloodrage is a good turn 1 play as well. Tusk boar is really good even if only to deny a tile, especially if you have bloodrage/katara to combo with it.


Thanks ryv, <3 ;D


Ah… So that’s why I’m seeing those Mech Kara’s running around. Anyway congrats! :slight_smile:


Congrats J and thanks for being kind enough to share your decks with us. Plenty to learn from here.

I’ve tried tinkering with your kara mech deck, and I at least have found it’s not as easy to play as I expected. :slight_smile:


How come Mech Decks are popular in the tournament setting?

On ladder you see them pretty rarely, but I feel as though about half of the tournament decklists posted on here have a mech deck.


Theyre just very annoying for zirix or cass to deal with, and force the opponent to put stuff they dont want like crossbones in their deck.


Congrats on winning the tournament. Thanks very much for sharing the decks. I’m trying Kara cos I have all the cards and I’m already feeling like an asshole. It’s simple cheap and really good😃 only rank 11 atm. Used to hate people playing mechanzor, now I’m that asshole.