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DOOMsday Clock [Duelyst is DOOMED]


That’s not my point. It’s sad you respond in a aggressive and defensive way. That is not my wish or intention i am glad i made you laugh what ever the reason.
I wish you a good day sir.


The team has been informed and is looking into this server issue. We should be getting an official statement today :wink:


Aggressive… and defensive? :thonk:

And to you, too. I was not insulted by your post at all. I was merely amused at your conviction that one individual can have so much sway over this game, and the community.

It seems that you are a natural optimist, while I am a natural pessimist.


I think this is the whole point.

We are all influenced by the ideas and feelings of those around us, so without getting into a debate concerning the respective personal benefits of either attitude, it seems clear that optimists help create a happier, more positive space for everyone in their orbit, while pessimists make it harder for those around them not to feel negative or upset whether they want to or not.

So as a general rule, if your outlook in life is that it is better “never to have loved at all”, it is certainly kinder and more considerate not to repeatedly share that view with others… :slight_smile:


You misunderstand, sir. Optimists are the ones who are always sad, because they are constantly being beaten down by life. I am a very happy pessimist because I get nice surprises when things go better than I expect them to. And I can take defeat and failure more easily than an optimist can. For instance, if Duelyst never gets another expansion, I will say “ah well, saw it coming” and move on. But you will sit down and cry, because your beautiful vision of the future was smashed to smithereens.

Clearly this is an exaggeration, but you can see my point nonetheless: it’s all a matter of perspective. You have a pessimistic view of pessimists, I daresay! :wink:


Gonna doubt this unless you have some good argument.
I can see how failure may hit the higher expectations of optimist more.
However when something bad happens it doesn’t necessarily means that a pessimist is going to end less sad than a optimist. After all a pessimist starts sad.

Imaginary happiness % numbers example.
Optimists: 100% (Happy start) - 50% (Huge drop) = 50% (Unhappy end)
Pessimist: 60% (Not happy start) - 20% (Small drop) = 40% (Very unhappy end)

I would say try to be optimistic but try not to have unrealistically high expectations.


Optimists: 100% (Happy start) - 50% (Huge drop) = 50% (Unhappy end)
Pessimist: 100% (Happy start) - 20% (Small drop) = 80% (Happy end)

Why do you assume that I am unhappy to begin with because I see the world for how it really is: a dark and terrible place that thrives off the screams of tortured souls?


Can we panic now?


It’s not about you. And I’m (still) not debating the merits and pitfalls of different personality types. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you are choosing to skate around the (unintended?) consequences to others of your own negativity: the world may or may not be as dark and terrible as you claim and you may or may not be as happy or sad as you claim - I am simply reminding you that when you decide to express your own internal pessimistic conclusions publicly you are also negatively affecting others.

And again, leaving aside whether that statement is true or not - why do you feel the need to destroy that beauty for other people any earlier than necessary?

I (optimistically) choose to believe that you are not deliberately trying to make anyone unhappy.

But you are making people unhappy…

Is not that reason enough to stop?

  • EDIT * PS Ok, so we’re only talking about the future of a video game here, but the point stands… :wink:


Ok, thank you for this. :joy: This is all so ridiculous! Why are we wasting our time arguing about nothing, again?

Oh, yeah: because it’s fun!


Actually, two is not enough for proper bloodshed.

@halcyon98, get in here!
@everybody, get in here!

Ok everyone, pick a side:

  • Team Optimist
  • Team Pessimist

0 voters

(I’m sure no one else will choose Team Pessimist)

Oh, but you are now!



I’m an pessimistic optimist. I do not deny a bleak future, but I never give up either.


Oh, come on! Press yourself into a mold, already! :wink:


@humancalc, I am so ready to face your scorn!


…oh boy, I’m a bit worried now. Is this a glitch, or are you writing an essay?


Your psychological torture is working all too well.

Please, make it stop!

Oh, thank you! Thank you!


Please, I’ll do whatever you say…

I’ll become an optimist! Just… STOP TYPING!


I concede this battle to you…


Interrupting Isbee says hi.



I need to get back to descending into madness now…


By definition a pessimist looks at things more negatively than a optimist. If you see more things negatively then there are less reasons to be happy and so is less happy.

I think you are focusing too much on the actual truth, future or whatever you call it.
You can still think it is the end of the world whether it is a terrible place or beautiful place.

Everyone is going to react differently but here is the example reaction on the scenario.
Duelyst is going to be DOOMED!
After case 1, Duelyst continues:
Happy to see Duelyst alive. However it only delays the inevitable future of being DOOMED!
After case 2, Duelyst ends:
I told everyone. The world is DOOMED!

Duelyst will carry on :smiley:.
After case 1, Duelyst continues:
Happy to see Duelyst alive :smiley:.
After case 2, Duelyst ends:
Too bad duelyst ends. Time to move on. Will find something better :smiley:.

Takes time to type and argue :tired_face:.


Man, I shouldn’t have conceded for this…

Why did it take you so long to type?

I see your point, though. I do.


Damn right, it does!

I had a whole thing typed and decided it wasn’t really worth it after all.


Everything the human imagination can possibly create or discover will have never existed far longer than it will have been a reality to us.

But I smile because I want to.


I’m a slow thinker. Writing isn’t my strong point. I prefer short notes.
Also SOMEONE had to question my logic :rage:.
So I had to write in more detail in a way that won’t get questioned.

Love your reaction Anjo. I should have tried typing more slowly :rofl:.