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DOOMsday Clock [Duelyst is DOOMED]


A patch is enought to save the game if it is well done.


Still. If there is no news by December 1 it is not coming.


Hey, guys! I talked to someone from Counterplay, and they said that if we get everyone in this thread to vote for “:wink:”, there will be Q4 content!


And betray the order of sweaty gothiccs? Never.


You can’t fool me!


The end is comming…


I have 5600 Gold and 6800 Spirit. In 7 days, I shall get so many Serpenti that the world will tremble!

Who will join the Trade Up to Serpenti rebellion (you must disenchant all your cards and craft as many Serpenti as you can)?

  • I shall!
  • I shall not!

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You can’t craft past 3 copies. Sorry, buddy.


Q4 is mobile I WANT TO BELIEVE



I’ll just have to open 56 Core packs, then! I’m sure I’ll get a few Serpenti!


Tick tock, CPG.



Definition of desperation :slight_smile:


Despair* 15chars


You can edit your replies, you know…



Please CPG, have mercy on our souls!

@WorksAtBandai, do you see the catastrophe unfolding here? You may think that you are merely a slave to the system, with no real power, but you can still try to do something! You can still try to save the world!

:sob: :sob: :sob:


DOOM has come early, friends.

Time to weep. :sob:


The devs have also fled from Discord. There is no way to reach them now.

I’ll never even get to open my packs…


Why do you fuel the shutting down of duelyst? i mean… the forum is in a tool for players to encourage Bandai to support the game and those who like it. I can’t see the point of the negative attitude, it seems to me more like you want attention and as many replies as possible. When i read this post a part of me just want to stop playing and that feeling is what you are spreading, instead of encourage more people to be active on the forum in a positive way to show the cooperation who make this wonderful game that alot of people still wants to play it.

This is not ill meant, just an observation i truly hope you all understand the magnitude of how much power a community have.


at least i got a prismatic serpenti from a core orb, i can now leave duelyst in peace


Oh, my friend, you have given me a good laugh. Thank you.

I don’t. Duelyst is the best online card game! Why would I want to kill it?

Indeed. That’s what I’m doing here. Sometimes people just need a little push… but unfortunately Bandai and Counterplay chose to ignore the ultimatum.

What is the point of being optimistic in this case? You will only suffer more once the game goes down for good. And why would I care about attention and replies on a forum that’s going to be deleted soon™ anyway?

Well, that is hardly my fault. In case you haven’t noticed, I am not Counterplay or Bandai Namco.

Does it matter who wants to play it if the servers go down permanently? I think not.


Did this thread cause you to stop playing Duelyst?

  • Yes
  • No

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