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DOOMsday Clock [Duelyst is DOOMED]


Not me. I’m going to a movie with Isbae.


are you more than one people?


…I’m not understanding the question.
Isbae is not Isbee. I think she would prefer it to stay that way, lol.


ohhh missed that a.
i see now, man have fun with the lady at the movies.

don’t forget to ask for smoochez


Is the movie called Watch the best online card game die a slow and painful death? 'Cause that’s the one I’m watching…


seriously though i don’t want duelyst to die its just too good to die


The game will only die when the last pair of people leaves, so ignore doom-saying morons like @anjosustrakr and go have some fun in the game. We still have plenty of people left to challenge wits with.


Expecting duelyst to live much longer with CP beeing completely silent for more than half a year is rather stupid. Seasoned players keep leaving because they are bored by having the same meta for more than half a year with CP doing no communication at all.If theres no Q4 content theres likely going to be another noticeable drop in the playerbase.
Don,t be delusional.
If only something close to 1 pair of players is left CP will shut the servers down because its just not profitable anymore.


Am I delusional? Maybe to you. At least I am not that emoji-spamming knucklehead that gets on people’s nerves.

I am well enough aware that the possibility of Duelyst dying is there. I am more than prepared to move onto other games if or when Duelyst finally shuts down. I know that the player base is shrinking as old-timers go away to other games and that CPG is quite quiet as of the late. And I can guess that there will be another hit in the player base if December comes and goes without a peep.

Even with all of these observations in front of me, I will still play Duelyst until the very end. Why? Because Duelyst is fun. It is one of the more well-balanced and budget friendly CCG out there. The stories here and everywhere else is testimony to that. Heck, I prefer the relative slowness here than say Shadowverse, which requires you to open too many packs after every expansion just to keep up with an insane meta since your favorite cards just got rotated out, which is one of the reasons why I am not really playing Shadowverse too much these days.

So, my good friend. If Duelyst is truly dead today without the updates, what then? If you want to leave to greener pastures, YOU may do so. I’m staying right here, and I suspect plenty of other people will stay here too for quite a while longer.

This topic annoyed me too much and this will be the last reply on this topic.


Ralph Wrecks the Internet. Good stuff.

…and yes…

Much smoochez


you misunderstand the role this thread play - 1. this thread is a pressure box where people can come and drop their judgement on the backside and management without opening a thread every week.

  1. if the game was still fun as you claim many people that left would have stayed, the game is not that fun anymore (if you’re not raping people with aggro or rag wanderer), it just got to the point that you need to play meta decks if you want to climb up, i hate it really.
    but you know what i hate more? seeing people lying behind the screen when i know that they are lying because i have to deal with this people at my line of work. i hate to see you or many other players still throwing money on a non responsive not so much of a content maker that sucks you off with lies and stood you up with every word in the last 6 months - this is bad business it used to be very good though.
    they said that a word will drop a week ago, where is it? listen, play and have fun, please, but don’t buy the bullshit they feed you, because unless there’s a new miracle there will not be a Q4 new content, and if it is - mark my words, you’ll probably feel bad when you see it and i hope i’m wrong.

which brings me to the second point - this place is not a player to player, this is a player against system - players come and relieve their anger.

  1. on the chance one of the devs watching it - this thread is a reminder that players are not happy and have standards.
    a dev walking in will read and get the full picture, hopefully enough to make them spit out truth at the end of all this or hold the new content to a good standard.

other games might be worse, but i use to a different duelyst, this one is boring and compare to other metas is real shitty one and getting worse.
you know what? i deleted duelyst and the time i use to spend here i replaced with playing league/ reading/ training, i don’t feel bad i actually feel relieves from the wanderer rag hell that this game has become.


You fool! The players are only half of it (and two players are certainly not enough to keep an online game alive…). Money is the real issue here.


Press F to pay respects, friends. Duelyst is officially DOOMED.


  • F
  • No! I refuse to believe that Duelyst is DOOMED!

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Come to think of it, when was the last time we heard from the devs?


I used to frequent these forums because the community was fun, like the game itself.

Now it’s mostly just this shit.
Pretty damn sad if you ask me.


Veteran players leaving may be a good thing. Noobs will stop complaining about ribbons, matching silver to Diamond and such. Then lots of new players come and veterans suddenly return.

I’ve got a plan, as you see :eyes:


Corner them in diamond and tilt them to death


Hey guys! It’s been a while! I just started playing Duelyst again recently! What’s going on in he-


Oh, uh, well, huh. This is disheartening.

I’ll say this. It’s not surprising, you all sitting around and talking about whether or not it’s dying or dead. A game that lives off of new content going this long without new content? Not a good sign. That’s not a pessimistic thing to say. It’s an accurate one. For a game like this new content is the lifeblood in its heart and the breath in its lungs. Not that I’ve been sinking any thought into the topic until very recently, since I haven’t been playing, but I have kept up with Duelyst news, and I have noticed the lack of content. Now, sparing it a stray thought, no, no it’s not a good sign.

I’d like to see Duelyst live. But for that, it needs new content. Realistically, it needs it ASAP, in weeks, not months, and ideally in days. If Bamco throws a little money at it, there could at the very least be a nice big balance patch and a shiny new round of advertising ready in record time, I’m sure. Letting it fade away seems like a waste.

I’m not going to place my bet on life or death. I’m just going to wait and see. We’re all waiting. Your move, Counterplay, or Bamco, or whoever we should be talking to here. Are you going to go with “This is it, the apocalypse,” or “All systems go, sun hasn’t died,”?

Your move.


Realistically, it needs it yesterday :confused:


so we’re at least halfway into turn three?