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DOOMsday Clock [Duelyst is DOOMED]


Misuse of a word aside, the point is meme is annoying and getting more annoying every single time you bring it up. I managed to keep quiet until you brought the meme up during that player’s introduction thread, which is not only unneeded, but it might taint the opinion of Duelyst in other potential players eyes. Being silly about it does not excuse it.


But its not just a meme.
Complete silence from devs for more than 6 months is a good indication of the game not going to get any futher support from the devs

New players should be informed about this


Basic research does it fine as well to inform, it is just that at this point we’re entering Old Man Yells at Clouds territory of tiresome banter. At this point, everyone who needs to know already knows, so kick back and enjoy the nuclear warhead fireworks.

Smile for Armageddon, dance to the damage!


Just do like alot of veteran player do, me included - uninstall and stay at the forums for fun.

Man i do not intend of going back into the game until a good new content hit.
The tone deaf devs including the last cms are just a real bad joke. Man i’m a working man, and deadlines are deadlines + a business should have the dignity to answer hard answers and drive to always better itself.
nothing to add for more then 6 month? Server problems on 2 weeks intervals no news, no nothing, man **** this ****, really, nothing in 6 months? If that is the case close the game, man if my factory wouldn’t produce in 6 month or take action for the better it will be closed by now, how is it any different?
Throw at you orbs when they need to give answers, this is a joke.
I played this game for 3 years and it should close its gates, this game lost every right to stay up.

I had fun but i rather play lol right now at least the devs actually put in work there.

Cpg should be ashamed really, btw - was that an announcement that was supposed to drop like a week ago? Rest my case.

In 2 weeks the cm will pop up with the usual “we know nothing but do everything we can” bullshit - if you know nothing what can you possibly do? Kidnap the families of banco for information?
If you know nothing on a project that was suppose to get content for while now you either lying (bad for business), don’t have a good relationship with your financial back (also bad for business) or the project is dead (no business).


YOU may uninstall your copy. I intend to keep on playing until the end.

I don’t visit the fourms here as often anymore because of this stupid Doomsday drama and complaining about lack of content. 6 months of no contact nor updates? Please, I’ve been through worse. Much worse.

And you don’t know if the developers truly given up on the game. Remember that they have a second budding project going on and it is probably an all hands on deck situation over there now. Not to mention that they have been reasonably prompt about fixing connection issues before, so they’re not completely uncaring.


I reached out to Bandai and they confirmed that the game isn’t doomed. Yes the updates and the contact is lacking from their side but the game will still be running. Stop this nonsense, in my opinion this negative attitude is just destructive. The game is too good for this kind of bullshit.

This juvenile attitude is seriously damaging to the game, community and for new players.


Guys you have to realize that Cpg is a small company and right Now they are 100% focused on their Next game, Godfall. Im pretty sure that when it will be released or in beta, cpg Will start giving Duelyst some love again. Otherwise they could have shut down the game already and they clearly didnt. So simply enjoy the game for what it is right Now (and to me it is still pure gold compare to the garbage that is around) or just take a break from it.


I’m not talking from a player prespective, i’m talking from a business related prespective.

Do what you want, and please play away but know this - this is not a healthy situation from and smells bad.
The doomsday clock is needed even if you like it or not more as a reminder to the staff then a reminder to you.


The maybe is strong with this one.

Usually when a new project arive it all depends on the money making from said project.
If the new game is good enough there will be no reason to put work on dooli while you can improve and maybe grow with the new name.


I wrote a long one about it, new players will know what they are stepping into with or without us disscussing hard topics.


Well, you do have a point.

The future will tell how it will be, but one thing is certain the game is epic, lets hope it will grow like undisturbed magmar minions


I agree.

Hence my 1000 hour plus running locke and chasers


His negative attitude is completely justified. Of course the devs aren’t going to say that the game is doomed of course they will say “We’re working on it” rather than “No future content is planned for Duelyst”. I’m certain that Q4 memes are just a way for the posters to ignore a possibility that looks more certain as time goes on: Duelyst is going to die. If it doesn’t then it’s going to be on life support with the players praying it gets better. Let me tell you a story of another game I played, whose tale is similar to Duelyst’s, Blacklight: Retribution.

Blacklight: Retribution (BLR) is a first-person shooter developed by Zombie Studios. An FPS is very different frm a CCG, but the two games do share similarities where it matters for comparison. They both had loyal fanbase/community, a dedicated dev team, and both games featured a neat twist on a game genre that was until then pretty much unchanged. This unique idea (Built in wall-hacks in the case of BLR, a chess-like board in the case of Duelyst) was well received by critics and fans alike. It seemed like the game was going to be a big hit and would be the next game of the year.

But then, things went south. The population dwindled, and the attention for the game fell lower and lower until it was practically nonexistent. There were many factors. The community is still a bit divided about all the reasons why, but the something they all agree on is that the dev team had abandoned the game. That Zombie no longer cared enough about the growth of the game and it’s community, that the game wasn’t bringing in enough revenue/players for their liking. So they stopped trying to improve the game and started developing a new project. It didn’t help that Zombie had gone completely quiet about it’s intentions for BLR, leaving the community to speculate about the next steps.

The players spoke to the developers about the state of the game, the lack of new content, the decreasing number of logins, bugs and broken items that needed fixing. And you know what the dev team said, their responses to the players’ concerns? Exactly what CPG is saying now,“We’re working on it”, “A big update is coming”, “You guys will like it I promise”. And some community members had the same voice as you guys “The devs are busy”, “They have another project to work on now”, “Let the devs handle it, they know what they’re doing”. And then, the big update finally came: Parity.

The Parity Patch was Zombie’s promise to revitalize BLR, bringing in new players, introducing new content and fixes all at one. The community waited years for this patch, and did it do what it promised? Not at all. The Patch was low effort, a simple port of the PlayStation variant of the game along with a revamped - and what the majority of players argued worse - UI. Bugs were fixed, but other issues rose up in their place. All the weapons had their console stats with drastically lower recoil and spread. Zombie nerfed a lot of weapons that needed no fixing at all. Players couldn’t connect to game lobbies. And for some time, it was possible to turn on aim assist by adjusting the settings, allowing even the poorest of players to dominate games. The content it brought was equally disappointing, removing regional chat, gear items, and maps and game modes that players enjoye. It added new, weak guns and a mech suit that overpowered every other item in the game.

A big reason the Patch was a failure however, was because of the fan base and the amount of hype that they were generating. They had set their expectations far too high, and were let down when reality hit them in the face. This blow caused the remaining players to drop even further. Yeah the game still gets “constant maintenance”… If you consider scheduled maintenance every Wednesday that would bring the servers down for a few hours without changing any of the issues with the game “maintenance”. If Zombie had talked to the community, asked them about what they felt were issues with the game, and how they wanted to see the game improved, some of these issues could have been easily avoided. Instead, they pushed out a half finished update to try and please the community. Now, I see CPG walking the same road. Reintroducing old bosses with nothing new. Boss BBS’s that are the same 4 without boss thematic BBS. Sales on Diamonds in an attempt to get some more money out of the game before the player base falls further. Radio silence about their plans for Duelyst while announcing they are working on another project, leading many Duelyst players to be skeptical about the quality of Q4. I’ve seen one game I enjoy go under because of poor communication and secrecy from the developers, I don’t want Duelyst to fall victim to the same mistakes.


This is precisely what I intended it to be. Not only a hub of sadness to contain all the “the end is coming” posts in one place, but also as an ultimatum to the devs/Bandai Namco. Unfortunately neither of them saw it, or they just chose it ignore it. Oh well. After the game dies this forum is going down too, and then no one will have to see the DOOMsday Clock and all the negativity here ever again. :wink:


Does the new season start in 50 minutes or 1 hour and 50 minutes?


26 minutes.

Have you tried the :heart: button?


is dooly now dead?


Very likely(15char)


Not yet. 4 hours 'til DOOMsday… :tired_face:


pack up boys, we’re going home