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DOOMsday Clock [Duelyst is DOOMED]


Quick spoiler for the Friendships Of Mythron mini Q4 expansion:


Why is it a minion? Everybody knows friendship is magic!


Oh right, missed opportunity here!


Oh man, so you are my very first groupie. I don’t know if i’m more embarassed or excited :heart: :kissing_heart:


Hi all optimistic and pessimistic players!

Because of topic and the discussion in this thread i reached out to Bandai Namco asking if the game really was doomed. and this is the response i got

ey there, Ruben,

"Thank you for reaching out to us. I can’t provide you with any concrete information regarding the future, however, no, the game is not doomed. It may be discontinued at some point, as is the case with any given game, however Bandai Namco hasn’t issued any statements indicating that this is approaching.

Hopefully that answers your question. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get back in touch. Our team is always at your disposal.

Have a lovely day! =)
Kind regards,"

Have an awesome day and awesome Duels.




Q4 comfirmed!!!

Pphh **** this ****


If CP should ever announce duelyst,s demise,what would you think about a discord server to kinda preserve the community here?


Eeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmm. Wut?


Umm one already exists


Yes! This is basically code for “new expansion in 2 days”! SO HYPED!


The poll ends in a day! Who’s ready for a new expansion?!

  • Me!
  • No one, because it’s not coming.

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Foolish mortals! Did you really think that


Well, I didn’t. I updated myself to be realistic. Duelyst dies tomorrow, in spirit, and I assure you that it will die for real within the year. Do I want it to? No. But one must face the facts. :sob:


The new expansion name has leaked!!!

The name is…

The sheeps of dooli forums


dont die yet I need more abyssian cards


Hm, good point. Duelyst will be DOOMED tomorrow, but how long is a turn IRL?

  • A year
  • A month
  • A week
  • A day
  • 90 seconds

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Optimistic Nihilism?



You know, this whole doom meme has really gone stale to the point where just bringing it up will solicit annoyance rather than amusement. Yes, Duelyst is lacking updates in comparison to before. We all know that and being obnoxious about it does not make it any better, especially since you have the gall to unwantedly bring it up in a player’s introduction thread, with emojis no less.

Just stop posting about this meme and let this meme die. It has run its course.


It’s a game, bro. And this thread is even less than a game – it’s a forum post about a game.

I really don’t think it’s