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DOOMsday Clock [Duelyst is DOOMED]


If there is no announcement of a Q4 update by the time this poll closes, then Duelyst is officially a dead game.

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Unlikely New Card

It is that time again? ANOTHER thread about Duelyst’s state of affairs?

It may have been amusing, but we still have November and December to get through before we can officially panic.


If there isn’t an announcement at least a month prior to the release it’s a bad sign.


The problem is that we want an expansion but they only said “New content”. If it will be a Balance patch or a new game mode there Will be no announcement till it is out.


This thread is really just nonsense.


It just seems that every forum member tries to make a separate thread about the death of Duelyst. I’m sick and tired of it, everything that could be said is said already, why bother?


I totally agree with you.

But some forum members are worse with that than others sigh


Just November, actually. This poll closes at midnight on November 30th. Just like @halcyon98 said:

Yes. But it is true nonsense.

This thread is not about the death of Duelyst. It is a countdown to the death of Duelyst. Just a way to keep track of time. :wink: And you’re right, there is no reason to talk about the upcoming demise of this game anymore. That’s why I said:

I’ll take that as a compliment. :wink: I have avoided the classic rant of why Duelyst is going to die and cut to the facts… if we don’t have news of an update by the end of November, then we’re DOOMed.


Which means we Have 3 more Months!!!


Or years


Or…turns. :wink:


Is a turn a month?


@anjosustrakr this is just going to turn into the fourth meme page…


Just as I intended. RELEASE THE MEMES!


I feel kinda bad for @phayze because he gets emailed every time that somebody posts or likes a comment on the meme page. There are over six thousand posts and plenty more likes. Can you keep up?


But Oranos didn’t even start any of the meme threads :thonk:


How dare you include :thinking: and not :thonk:!


It might kill me, but it would be worth it?



Whoops I meant @phayze. whatever


If we’re going off of most rpgs/strategy games a turn is about 6-7 seconds. so not that long 0_0