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Don't Forget to Fall For This Totally Innocuous Trap!

Ah, reverse reverse psychology works every time!

BEFORE YOU START READING: Start listening to “Advent of the Second Empire” on loop.

Greetings, good denizens of the Forums!

You may be wondering why I brought you here today. That would be strange, considering I didn’t bring you here… you brought yourself (or did you? I’m always willing to debate the existence of “free will”).

Anyway, you may be wondering whether your being here is worth your time. I can assure you that it is not. Wait, did I just say that out loud?

Today, I bring you a unique offer, friends – to become the very foundation of my new empire.

Yes, my new empire. Although it’s less of an empire and more of a democratic diarchy.

Instead of building this empire on the tenants of Law and Order, I decided to build it on Discord. A Discord server, to be precise. 90% of the audience gets up and walks away. And you are all the first to be invited. Is this because I don’t have any other friends? Of course not!

So, what is there for you in this server, you ask? I thought I would be enough (:broken_heart:), but let’s see…

  • Learn my true name (or perhaps just the name that I want you to think is my true name)
  • Talk about Duelyst, video games, and game development
    Also some other… stuff
  • Convert non-Duelyst players (coming to the server soon™) to see the light
  • Have meaningful conversations with my custom Discord bot, Overseer

    (Note that my name was changed in the above images purely to not spoil the surprise)
  • See me get the respect I deserve :wink:
  • Get the respect YOU deserve, if you’re a winner of the Word-to-Card Contest
    (Legendary is for 2-time winners)

You can join the cult server here:


  • For you, anything!
  • Sure, why not?
  • Why don’t you just check your server and find out, pal?
  • Eh, I’ll think about it (translation: no).
  • This ain’t it, Chief.
  • I will NEVER bow down to you!

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