Don't feel bad when you miss lethal, at least it didn't go as bad as for these guys


hey all!

who doesn’t know that feeling. you make your play and mid movement you realize that had you placed or attacked differently, you’d already have won the game. or you replace at the ende of the turn, only to find some damage that would have defeated your enemy.
Most of the times you’ll just finish the game next turn, no biggie, but sometimes, missing lethal can have unforseen consequences…

here are some instances where exactly that happened


Wait, why didn’t that Reva smack Argeon with her face and viper?


that’s what this video is about. having lethal but missing it ^^


I was expecting Argeon to be the one that would be missing his lethal…


thanks for watching anyway! if you enjoyed it show it to your friends who might also enjoy.


So relatable, probably for more people than you may expect. But I’llsay this: nothing teaches you how to play Duelyst better than being punished for mistakes.


True, but you see, smart people learn by punishing others for their mistakes rather than them making mistakes themselves and getting punished for it.


punishing others and showing them the error of their ways… seems good!


That time I missed lethal against PandaJJ in a tournament.



oh man, can’t say i remember that particular match. was it very far into the tournament?


Nah not really, but it did keep me out of Top 8, I think, on top of my bad luck xD. It was in the last Trials of the Seven Sanctums or w/e a couple of days ago. I should stop drinking before I play because when I went into the replay I spotted it right away and I felt sooo stupid xD.


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