Does the time of day affect the difficulty of your matches?


So far, for me it has. I’m in the U.S., started playing a few days ago and hit Silver rank yesterday. I notice that if I play from around Noon to 8PM I tend to get stomped into submission by lizard men busting out 3 8/8 creatures by turn 2 and dismembered giant robot body parts.

However, if I play past that, the battles are a lot more evenly matched, and I see lots of interesting cards and strategies.

Next day, noon rolls around and it’s time to get curbstomped again lol

Is this typical? What could be the cause? Do the people with crazy decks go to sleep at the same time? Whatever the case, if you’re new to the game, try playing late at night and see if that lets you climb that ladder, or at least earn some gold.


I wouldn’t be stories if this was the case. There are a lot of players in different countries who play this game, but some players can only play the game at x time depending on the timezone in that area. For me, I typically find matches harder in the early morning (6 to 10ish)


I find mine easier in the morning and more difficult in the afternoon, getting progressively easier as the time heads towards the evening. Ofc, I live in Toronto, Canada, so I have the same timezone as a lot of people that play this game. Ofc there are also just daily schedules, like work, sleep, etc.


Interesssting, thanks for the feedback

Last night the trend continued

In the afternoon i was fighting nothing but Abyssian and Magmars, got rekt. I entered the Gauntlet in hopes that I would fight something else there, picked Vanar.

I quickly lost to yet another Abyss, a Magmar, and the alt Vanar general (Kara?). At least the last match was satisfying because we were fighting with clever positioning instead of a strait up beatdown.