Does Duelyst' Factions have a design philosophy and a balancing pie?


so… Posted this in reddit, maybe more relevant here.
I AM NO EXPERT, this is merely speculation and thinking about how the game is worked around, the irony being it’s very difficult to define a pattern to some form of ‘balance’ for the factions.
SO, in MTG there is the famous colour pie, which defines what each colour CAN and CANNOT do. duelyst is a very young game and we have not seen the full amount of what each faction can do yet, but we have a large card pool and curious what the future may hold.
In the above image I attempted to define the major trends of each faction and place a point of the strange outliers of each faction (the red outside the hexagon). I am not stating outright that the outlying details make the faction broken, but may be interesting to think that a faction has exclusive rites to a card that does something they generally cannot do.
so does each faction have a design philosophy? Right now for some of them, it seems yes, for some, not really. Lyonar and Abyssian are bloated with some sort of ‘overcompensation’ compared to the others. I cannot really state where this will result, just thought it was curious, having involvement in game design myself.


I think the design philosophy is more thematic than balanced. While factions are suited to certain play styles they are by no means limited in such a straightforward way. Mainly because of the neutral faction and the sheer variety of cards available.


a more informative wheel would be to rank each faction 1-5 based of certain criteria (e.g Ramp, Card Draw, Big Minions, Swarm, Big Removal, Small Removal, etc, etc)


I belive that the fact that there are 2 generals for each faction, that must play diferently, kind of splits the card pool in 2 parts, one for each general. For example in magmar, where Vaath has a more aggressive playstyle and Starhorn is more like control, so Magmar needs cards for the aggressive side and for the control side. That means that we need more cards to define better the philosophy of the faction. The generals have a phylosophy much easer to read, tho.


Songhai Fire vs. the Vanar Ice.
Lyonar Life vs. Vetruvian Mech.
Aby horde vs. Maggy few but strong.

Fire Magic: Songhai
Water Magic: Vanar
Earth Magic: Magmar
Air Magic: Vetruvian
Life Magic: Lyonar
Death Magic: Abyssian

Sounds okay to me.