Does Boundless have any competitive use?


Some decks use it, some decks don’t. It seems like too much for 2 mana and a card, Vanar already has a draw problem. But taking out Soj for 2 mana is pretty good?


It’s actually not a bad card at all. Beng able to kill a larger minion with a smaller one without it dying is a pretty good tempo play. The attack buff stays on too which is nice for future trading. Problem is, the vanar already has lots of good spells so there might be a problem trying to find slots in the deck for it.


Pretty much, I think its a good card and used it when we drew 2 cards a turn, but these days its harder to use it along with Chromatics and Prisons, and I would not choose this card over the other ones.

But for a new player that just got this from a pack, you should be able to safely put this in your deck.