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Does anyone here like movies


Von Trier is always interesting. But yes, if Antichrist proved too much, you probably should avoid Jack. Not as good as his best, but a strong last 30 mins or so saves the day.


I love Hachiko!


I dont really watch that many movies, but my favorites are inception and the matrix.


some of my faves:
Shawshank Redemption
Fight Club
Mulholland Drive
Life is Beautiful
Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels
Matrix Trilogy
all Peter Jackson Middle Earth films


Nice list in general, but surely you must add:

“- all Hobbit films”

for Peter Jackson. They were such bloated CGI travesties compared to the Lord of the Rings trilogy.


With so many people mentioning The Matrix, I must share this opinion (as a very informed Cyberpunk fan).

Keanu Reeves KILLED the Cyberpunk genre adaptation to the silver screen in the laughable “Johnny Mnemonic” movie (an otherwise excellent William Gibson novel). That movie was faithful to the cyberpunk spirit but failed terribly on the CGI, script, pacing, acting, well, everything but scenario front.

Many years later, Keanu Reeves manages to single-handedly resurrect the Cyberpunk genre to the cinema, with his solid performance in the Wachowski brother’s movie. Their innovative imagery and filming technique created an instant cult movie.

EXCEPT that in this case, everything’s good BUT NOT the scenario. The cyberpunk genre was violated in two ways:

  1. The Morpheus “human battery” explanation removes all scientific credibility to the movie, unfortunately. Okay let’s say that Morpheus is an uneducated ship captain character and is just wrong here, to preserve our suspension of disbelief.
  2. At the end of the movie, Neo is filled with .50 bullets and suffers from cerebral death, as consistent with the movie lore and setting.


This was the most highly infuriating wrongdoing the scenarist could have done. The Matrix was almost perfect until that scene.

Consequently, Matrix 2 and 3 are built against my righteous indignation and do not exist.


Ugh. My brother is a big Lynch fan. Ive watched this like three times, and Im so torn on it. Actually, I dont need to be torn on the movie, I can just un-torn-ly like certain scenes and dislike others. Yeah.
Im still not sure if I dropped Twin Peaks The Return, the 6 initial episodes are frustrating and I dont want more of it. Only reason to keep watching is that Im close to the oh so legendary episode 8.

I dont think I like this one. Its just a hot mass appeal hollywood mess, except with style and like one weird spoon scene. The tropes are all classic asspull shit like “chosen one”, and some outta nowhere romance. Dont give me that.


For the time when the first part came out it was a great action movie to watch. It just looked awesome.

They should have never made part 2 and 3 though. And I agree with @bepoest’s criticisms.


Speaking of the Matrix (which I loved when I was teen) 13th floor is the better movie using the same theme, Imo. Philosophically speaking. Btw, it was produced the same year.

The best movie I’ve seen is probably “The Man from Earth”. I can name a couple of others, but this one is pretty non standard and (imo) very special. It’s provoking thoughts about humanity, religion and stuff, and is overall one of the films that formed me as a person.


My gf dumped me. Lets talk about it on the Duelyst forums :poop:


Dump her back

Whenever Im miserable, I listen to Earth’s Earth 2 or Bohren’s Midnight Radio


Finishing now my third Jodorowsky movie, it pains me to think that he is old, and though I not at all doubt his words when he says he will be alive and making movies in his 120th birthday, I will likely never meet the man and be under his esoteric tutelage…
Well, the movies are themselves the tutelage- Id like to, at least, thank him for his gifts.
I remember when I found out the director of Lain, Ryutaro Nakamura, passed away. I was so damn sad. I cried.
Whats the saddest a movie has made you, and how?


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