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Does anyone here like movies


I really like movies. Can we talk about them? I’m bored.


Any preferences? Sci fi, Fantasy, People stuff, comedy, animated…?


Any preferences? Sci fi, Fantasy, People stuff, comedy, animated…?
What is your most beloved movie at this time of the year?


My favorite movie of all time is Pan’s Labrynth. Clockwork Orange and Kill Bill follows closely. I don’t think I have a favorite genre though.


Pans Labyrinth would be enjoyable without the spanish fashist background story. I enjoyed the fantasy/horror part though.
Seems like you are into artsy stuff.


I’m also a big fan of big Hollywood movies too, not just old stuff. Big Marvel and DC fan. Extremely excited because I’m going to watch Bumblebee tomorrow. What movies do you like?

I actually thought the political parts was what made the movie so great. There are so many connections you can make between the fantasy parts and the political parts.


I just can’t stand “real” depictions of violence over a longer time span.
This time of the Year I like to watch older Russian fairy tales, most beloved movies are ehh… My favourite one right now might be ready Player One.
Maybe also “the Pianist”


Inception and Interstellar.


Gettysburg for some good history lessons :smiley:


By the way, is the dude in your avatar the dude-director of 8½?


Some of my favorites are Paprika, Howl’s Moving Castle, The Matrix and Memento. Interstellar and Inception are there at the top as well :slight_smile:

My favorite is Angel's Egg

And also The Holy Mountain and El Topo
Honorary mentions to Apocalypse Now
Im probably forgetting something


Science Fiction: Blade Runner
Crime & Police: Heat
Fantastic: Pi
Horror: Requiem For A Dream
Comedy: Kung Fu Hustle
Anime: Akira

Lewd: [still evaluating]



Mein Führer, I can walk!


There Will Be Blood
Europa (Lars Von Trier)
Bad Boy Bubby


God, I love/hate Lars Von Trier. Antichrist traumatized me for months but it was still a phenomenal film. I’m never going to watch The House That Jack Built, for obvious reasons.


What’s a popular/well loved movie that y’all hate?


My favourite non-animated movie is All About Lily Chou-Chou, closely followed by Synecdoche, New York. Both are movies that I hold dear to my heart and that I would wholly recommend. And then there‘s End Of Evangelion, which I view more as an episode, than a movie, so yeah.


I bought this movie (Pan’s Labyrinth) years ago on DVD without knowing anything about it. I didn’t even know who Guillermo del Toro was, I just bought cuz the DVD cover looked so cool. And damn, was I surprised. It is one of my favorite movies. Sometimes it pays to judge a book by its cover lol


I just watched Bumblebee and it was great. :honeybee: