Does anyone else think kelaino needs a rework?


just wanted to ask your thoughts on the subject. i find it a little weird that cp games thought that a 3/5 taygete was too powerful but a 2/5 that can sit in the corner all game and heal you for half of your health per turn was ok.


If you can afford playing a 4 drop in the back just so you can heal not instantly, but across multiple turns, then you’re probably already in a quite good spot. Card is strong, but it’s not a problem. Every faction should have some form of conditional healing imo. Real problem card is specrev.


taygete was a card that could clear board, couldnt be stolen by zen’rui
comparing kelaino who conditionally heals and can be stolen by zen’rui.
kelaino is far easier to remove
now if only we could get the other sisters up to this standard


i do agree with buffing others. as a vanar main i’m very disappointed with maia


Zen’rui isn’t as common for any of that to be relevant tbh.


taygete was still much harder to remove since any damage could be reflected back at several of your own minions


Debatable. Either way, comparing those two makes no sense in the first place. They are different minions for different factions and the fact how they were both released at the same time and have “sister” in their name doesn’t mean anything.

And even if it there were some relevance, Taygete was released strong because at the time magmar was garbo and needed a good card so the faction can be relevant so no wonder it ended up being stronger then other cards in the patch.

Point being, if OP wants to argue about Kaleino being too strong, he should try to give proper arguments instead of comparing it to another card that has nothing to do with it. Because the way I see it, Kaleino is just like any other card which you put in the back in order to gain value in the long term and is vulnerable to the same things.

So no, I don’t think she needs a rework. If she was the kind of card that could consistently heal you for large amounts of hp, then sure, but at this stage that’s not the case. I do agree how the card is annoying to deal with, but if we were to rework all the annoying cards we’ll just end up with vanilla cards.


Kelaino isn’t overpowered in my opinion, just annoying. Reaper and Revenant are the most troublesome cards in Abyssian to be honest.


As much as i HATE this card w/ a passion, since I love combo and aggro decks, it’s healthy for the game. Maybe not this exact type of card since I think it’s a bit over the top sometimes, but a relatively scary heal minion. With creep nerfed their eternal reign of late game is gone so stalling to 7 mana w/ kelaino isn’t AS scary. Main problem with kelaino is that cp is pushing aggro so incredibly hard that its just a huge blowout card.

Overall it’s healthy-ish even tho it’s frustrating, when things slow down it’s not really a big deal since you can ignore it and overwhelm with board. Need more cards like this (slightly toned down though I think) for every fac.


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No Taygete was far easier to remove,Taygete was always put in your face then it was either hard removal,silence,soft removal or just eat damage.Shadow Sisters are played defensively meaning you never get the option of trading into it.Unless you have the right answer it is just sitting on board preventing you from doing anything

As for the topic,It isn’t overpowered right now but before with old creep it was freaking oppressive.I won’t cry if it was to get a one health reduction almost as future proofing but it is probably fine as is imo.


They are fine as powerful cards. they are legendaries after all. if anything, the other sisters are the ones that need reworking. L’kian, kelaino, and taygete are fine but i can barely even remember the others names.
(names courtesy of duelystdb)

Sterope- her ability is basically the opposite of kelaino. instead of turning damage into healing she turns healing into damage. how about bumping up her true strikes into lucent beams

Maia- the opposite of taygete. helping allies instead of hurting enemies. how about changing her ability to “friendly minions with infiltrate may move an additional space” to help you actually GET the infiltrate bonus. it also fits into her name as the wind sister.

Saon and Alkyone- mutual opposites that increase might and magic of the general. i’m not really sure what to change with them. maybe make them decrease the cost of artifacts and spells by 1 respectively?


Vetruvian sis is ok i guess, not that good like the 3 you mentioned, but ok. Helps sajj, nice body and nice ability. if it gave +2 atk instead of 1, it would be broken i guess.
For sterope i have some faith that it will see some play some day, but the other 2 … not sure really, and havent seen them being played at all to be honest.

Now, back to kelaino:
I think she is totally fin as she is: She is not really that strong. I mean, she literally saved me many times, but she is not broken:

-4 mana is awkward, cause you are probly still at full or nearly full health, so no reason to play her on curve.
-4 mana is expensive too, so in early game she is meh / useless, and in the late game you generally want to play other things or need some kind of setup to make use of her. Otherwise she wont be saving you anyway most likely
-Could be stolen by ZenRui.
-5 health is nice, but 2 attack is “meh”.
-You can easily trade with her: if you hit her with 2 units, she will be only healing 2 max, so no big deal.


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well, i usually end up removing kelaino the turn after she’s played. but a lot of the time she’s healed for so much it doesn’t matter because i just get obliterated/azalea’d before i can get through the healing. that’s the problem i have with her. kelaino will almost always get at least 4 healing off while putting down a body that you either kill quickly or lose. that’s a lot better than even the old rejuv, and that was pretty busted