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Does any kind soul have spare humble bundle codes?


Just started recently and heard about this awesome code which i missed before starting.


Can’t reddeem it anymore afaik. SO even if someone had a spare one, it wouldn’t do much for you.


ohhh. i thought i read somewhr it was redeemable till nov. Did it close recently?


A few weeks ago i think.


They expire November 18th, 2016 at 11:00am Pacific . You can try mine but I linked it in another forum a while back so it might’ve gotten grabbed already: 0dc04d73-5877-4847-8a24-426f884e65e1


Ahh i see. It’s already been claimed. But thanks man! :smile:


Ah sorry bud, no-one had posted there so I was hoping it went unclaimed


I have a spare code. I’ve been hoping to give to one of my friends, but since they are too busy/uninterested/caught up in hearthstone, I can offer it to you as soon as I get home.


FYI, I sent them my code via private message this morning and it worked.


Going to lock thread then as it has been resolved.

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