Do you think there should be more quests? Some ideas


Counterplay is incredibly generous with their dust and gold rewards, but playing the same 8 quests everyday gets kind of stale, so here are some quests I stole from Hearthstone, and some I came up with, to shake things up a tad. Let me know what you think, and feel free to add your own ideas for more quests, if you feel we should even have anymore! :slight_smile:

Friend, or Foe? - Play a friendly match against someone on your buddy list. Reward 20 gold.

Spelljammer - Cast x (5? 10?) number of spells in an online match. Reward 25 gold.

Conqueror - Destroy 10 minions in an online match. Reward 30 gold. (Assassin v.2)

World Wanderer - Play 1 online match with every faction. Reward 60 gold. (10 gold for each faction.) (Faction quests, v.2)

Seventh Star - Play 1 online match against each faction. Reward 60 gold. (10 gold for each faction.)

The Senerai - Win 1 online match with every faction. Reward 100 gold.

War Master - Win 1 online match against every faction. Reward 100 gold.


Yes! The quests are great but they are extremely bland. Most of the time they are completed just by playing the match normally. I love when I get the Deal 40 Damage and Destroy X minions together because 1 game unlocks both.


Some of those seem very unfriendly to newer players (Especially “The Senerai”), and some others are luck based on whether or not you get matched with the players, AND if someone doesn’t have any friends they can’t do the top one. I too would like a some more quests, but I feel these need to be fine tuned. Love the idea though!


The current quests get the job done:
Encourage people to play the game on a daily basis.

I’ll be honest and say that I don’t like most of your suggestions.
The “Play/Win against X faction” quests are random and totally out of your control.

The reward might be higher, but so is the amount of games required. I think a casual player will struggle to fulfill most of them.