Dispelling walls


I play mainly Vanar and Abyssian, and I’m used to populate the table with minions. Be either wraithlings or walls.

One thing that amazes me is that walls are vanishable. Nor are them motionless, but also when you cast a dispel on a wall you destroy them.
Time ago this was just a sidenote, but from the moment that some deck archetypes tend to use a great number of walls this seems a concern.

Wraithlings, on the other hand are considered tokens. A kind of minion with some handicaps.

I guess walls should be considered tokens too, but not killed when dispelled.


It’s probably exactly the opposite. Walls are dispellable specifically so wall archetypes never become a real concern. Despite walls being fun on the surface, I doubt anyone wants a meta where they dominate.


Theres a long way between been viable and dominate the meta.


Walls are spells. DiSPELLing them destroys them. It is only logical :smirk:


Well… walls are a kind of summoned minions.
And not all summoned minions are destroyed when dispelled. E.g.- wraithlings.


Walls are walls though, not minions.


Cards and effects that target minions may target walls.
They are minions, and also walls.


Basically, you want that dispelled wall only has its effect gone, but still stick as stats on board?
You even compare it with wratihling, which is just 1/1, with walls it’s a different story, besides isn’t blazing spines stat only already?


Walls, like structures are minion types with their own set of rules. Whether walls should be dispelled or not has nothing to do with other minion types. They are their own category and as such specific rules can be applied to it, in this case that rule being how they get die when they get dispelled.

Tokens on the other hand are simply minions that don’t have their own cards. They’re not their own category and they function like standard minions unless they go under one of the categories mentioned above.

It’s really not that complicated concept. It also has very little to do when talking about dispelling walls from balance perspective.


3 mana and you got either three 1/1 wraithlings or two 3/3 walls.
Those walls are bigger, sure, but the are only 2 bodies and they cannot move.
On top of that, dispelling also kills them. And thats the part I dont really understand.
Obviously I love it when playing against vanar. Area dispel works wonders XD
But something that is great or a concern depending on your side is clearly unbalanced :frowning:


You can not compare wraith swarm to blazing spines. Despite their similarities they are entirely different cards, with different purposes, in different factions, which go in different kinds of decks.

Either way, why exactly devs decided to make walls die to dispel is something we will never know unless they specifically tell us their thought process behind creating the wall cards in their early stages. So you’ll just have to accept the way things are and move on.

The way I see it. The mechanic doesn’t limit the viability of the archetypes that rely on walls but at the same time it also keeps them in check from getting too out of hand.


Just want to make a small correction here: Wall is not a minion subtype, it’s a keyword ability which gives: “This minion cannot move”. What makes them die when dispelled is the “spell” subtype as you can see here: http://kit.listlyst.com/database/cards/524.

Also this kinda answer the OT question, walls are basically living spells you cast on the board, so it kinda makes sense that when you dispel something entirely magical it would dissapear. Wraithlings are actually creature summoned, so dispelling them does nothing unless they have buffs like any other minion.


Speak for to your self my good man. Well after the Berlin Wall came down its a written rule all walls must be easily dispelled.

I like this fact about walls dispelling walls isnt the best idea. I run a Artifact Vanar wall deck and though I would like them not being able to be dispelled I’m okay with it.

What we really need is a spell or a minion that lets us summon all the walls killed or dispelled touring the game.


Sad fact that we currently dont have enough walls to make Winter’s Wake work :frowning: The new Myriad looks cool at 1st, but it turned out to spam stupid walls in stupid places. I tried to combine 1 or 2 Frostfire buff and Iceblade Dryad to make it better, but still not good enough. It doesnt even fit in a vespyr deck…


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