Dislikes: Needed or Unnecessary?


Ok so just as the title states i’m wondering if the forums need a dislike function. Likes do convey the topics that people agree with or find interesting and they do lead to a happy and helpful community, but they don’t show the base that finds the topic aggravating. As much as I like plopping down a like to increase a number that doesn’t really add to the conversation and rather awards the poster with a false sense of superiority, I find it odd that I can’t express my more sinister ideas other than placing them in a way that exposes my inner demons for all to see and be cautious of. Anyways I was just curious why CP designed the forums in a way that doesn’t allow for haters to hate:confused:.
Well off to get wrecked in ladder:kissing_heart:

Congrats on finding me! Here’s what I am:

I hope you have your writing caps on, because the Duelyst Lore Writing Competition is coming back online in may!

We need a fixed post for duelyst memes

I would think that it is more to keep things running with a positive attitude. There is always the flagging/report option if someone is doing something wrong. You can also flame/abuse them which seems to be the “cool” thing to do nowadays.


I don’t know about you, but disliking a post adds nothing besides a number to the discussion. If you dislike or disagree with a statement or opinion, you should voice why.
As for liking a post, it differs from person to person. I use it as a method of saying ‘I agree with this post in it’s entirety’. Putting that as a separate post seems excessive, whereas explaining why I dislike something gives a talking point where differences can be settled and learning occurs.


I’ve been on many forums that had a like/dislike function and got rid of the dislike portion.

It ends up causing far more problems than it solves, increasing the moderation workload substantially while reducing overall forum quality.


I think on top of this, while likes on posts can be nice, dislikes on posts can be far more discouraging than likes are encouraging.

While a regular poster wouldn’t mind either way, a new poster may abdicate the forums from a string of unpopular or a single particularly poorly received post. The way it is now, disagreements create discussion, as opposed to the sense you just have a “wrong” opinion like on other forums.


Totally agree!
Seen too much toxic community, if you think that something is unusefull, just don’ t read it!;D