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Disenchanting Guide for v.1.96


Hello dear Duelyst community,

After several months of work I am proud to be here and give you a new Disenchanting guide for v.1.96.

First I want to mention who worked on that guide beside me: PonchoMango and @iceyfire95 :slight_smile: Thanks to these guys the guide got finished by now and it also enfolds way more ideas and things I envisioned when I asked for their help! Without them the guide would be way worse. Also many thanks to @F8D for creating the guide’s template, upon which we built and extended!

So, now let’s talk about the guide’s contents. There is more to it than only a pure what to disenchant and what not guide.

First and foremost of course it gives advice on what Legendaries and Epics are bad or good and should be disenchanted, kept or crafted. We put the cards in 5 tiers (Staples, Keep, Archetype, Tech, Disenchant) and every card got a rating (0-5 out of 5). Our reasoning is that some cards are not really good but useable in some way and maybe someone who is more conservative (and playing that faction) wouldn’t want to disenchant these. So they are not “Disenchant” tier but have only a rating of e.g. 2/5. At the same time a different player will deduce from this the card can be safely disenchanted. In the end everyone has to make that decision on their own but we tried to offer some guidelines (and more than only just good / bad).
For more information on our rating system please read the guide’s first page.

Secondly, we only rated Legendaries and Epics because in our opinion it is not really worthwile to disenchant Commons and Rares because of the lower spirit gain. But newer players would love to know what common and rare cards are good. Therefore we added to every faction page a list with common / rare cards we categorized either as staples or keep. This should help to decide what to craft and if they really want to at least partly what to disenchant (or not to disenchant).

Thirdly, new players would like to know what kinds of archetypes exist in Duelyst and how they look. And how good they are. Something like a tierlist or power rankings. While we couldn’t do exactly that, we at least added a small list of archetypes to every faction’s page, rated them roughly and even put decklists there, so people know how these archetypes could be built.

I think that’s mostly it. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. There could also still be some minor mistakes, so if you see something super weird please tell us :slight_smile:

Before I link to it, I want to stress that this guide is a compromise made by the opinions of 3 people. While we agreed on many things, we had also to discuss many things and come to a conclusion. The reason we were 3 people was that there is never an impasse and in hindsight it was a good decision to do it like that :slight_smile:
What do I want to say with that? This is a subjective guide which tries to be objective as far as we could achieve that. So if you disagree with certain opinions, that is totally fine and your good right but you also have to accept our opinions to which we didn’t come too easily :smiley:

And please read the guide’s introduction first before you dive in and use it :wink:

Disenchanting Guide v.1.96

Thanks for reading! Enjoy disenchanting and crafting new stuff :slight_smile:


Awesome stuff! Admire you guys’ dedication to get this done.


This is GOLD STANDARD. I’m impressed.


Wow, this is very impressive. Great job!

I did notice a few minor things:


Some random unintentional bolding in the lines for Peacekeeper, Sunriser, and Crescent Spear

Instead of “Chassis of the Mechaz0r”, it’s just “Chassis of Mechaz0r” (or technically, “Chassis of MECHAZ0R”)

More Subjective

Winter’s Wake deserves a ! for at least the Ice Age archetype

Flash Reincarnation is arguably a Staple for Magmar

As much as I love them, Vanar Mechs and Vespyrs should probably be rated meme tier

A Plea for Mechs

As an avid mech player, I appreciate you including mechs in your lists of archetypes. Given that you have, it would be nice to include the other MECHAZ0R pieces as keepers under Neutral Commons/Rares. More significantly, if the mech archetype deserves a rating higher than meme tier in any one faction (besides Lyonar, where it’s carried by Titan), that faction is certainly Magmar and not Vanar.


Thanks a lot for your input!

I was unfortunately gone for almost a week, so I couldn’t really answer earlier (sent you a reddit message though about it :slight_smile: ).

I changed the typos, good eye catching them! (maybe they were all on purpose to see how thoroughly you guys read our stuff :stuck_out_tongue: )

Also added a ! to Ice Age.

We updated Magmar’s Mech deck rating because you are right, it is the strongest version of all of them (except Lyonar).

The other points I put up to discussion.
I agree with Flash. For that I have to mention that the original template we got from F8 had a different definition for staple which we changed at some point because it didn’t work that well for us. Flash would not be a staple with the old definition but following the new one…
I also like to add the mech pieces as keeps.

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