Disenchanting Cards, a Conversing Thread?


I’m just curious as to what people would say are good/bad cards to disenchant for spirit, and considering the new Shim’Zar cards, I really want to get opinions on what to disenchant.

Maaybe this post will help newbies too, so let’s see where this leads?


Just wait for a few days. People will be compiling card tier lists soon enough because the meta has just changed completely.


Now is the best time to fool around with new combos


Disenchant Extras and Rook.


can’t really fool around when you don’t have enough spirit to build decks XD


surprisingly I don’t have rook lol


rook was my first legendary


Disenchant Red Synja, that Treacherous pest. Synja was my second legendary and it has lost me more games with its ability than It has won.


doesn’t she have lots of plays if she’s in the right deck?


Haha red synja is the exact opposite for me. Honestly one of the best lategame neturals.


Same here. Too slow though :frowning:


Don’t get me wrong, she is good. But when I have my general completely blacked off and she kills a Kara Kitty, making space for another one, I can’t help feeling a bit betrayed. :joy: