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Disenchanting all Shim'Zar Cards when next expansion hits?


So I was wondering whether it would be the best just to dust all Shim’Zar cards when they get rotated out of ranked ladder soon (ish)…
I assume they will never be allowed again?
Of course only if you need dust…

And I wanted to know if one could even disenchant them after they get rotated out or if I would have to do it before then.


No announcements yet. at the very least, you’ll still be able to play them in the new modes they’ll be introducing and the boss battles.


They said there would be an announcement pertaining to the set rotations and new game modes near the end of the year. I would hold your speculation and cards for now. There’s a very, very strong chance there will be at least one new game type introduced that allows old cards to be played. It wouldn’t make sense for CPG to just throw away the man hours used to create cards (and money) just for the sake of competitive balance.


Just a list a few things that have been stated

  1. No cards will be disenchantable at full unless they get nerfed.

  2. Formats using those cards will be introduced.

  3. Reprint sets will be a thing.


I’m keeping them because I probably won’t play much ranked ladder, I’ll probably play ladders with all sets allowed.


I would (and i will) dust the “non-key” cards of shim’zar…

(As i already do)

(So yes)

(I will not gain a lot of dust…)

(I miss pax from the day thunderhorn became a thing)

(But having him there)

(Looking at me, twirling his little tail)

(Gave me enough confidence to say)

(‘Gonna win for ya lil champ’)

(I’ll miss pax)

(I already miss him)

(I may be writing this weirdly)

(But that’s just how i feel)

(Memories hurts)

(R.i.p. sandy pax, i let you in my deck)



Like a strange inner monologue. :joy:


maybe the bad cards u can but the good cards nah keep them… duelyst isnt broken like hearthstone and i personally dont believe duelyst should be having rotation system i prefer the yugioh ban and limiting card list instead. its just a few cards that need nerfing and duelyst will be stabilized again


Woah! Wait a minute there. They got enough Duolist players back for Legacy Mode™ now?

Well, you know what Wittgenstein always says: If you can’t get new players, then getting rid of old ones is just as good.


I’m betting CPG will bring this mode back.
Hopefully, they took all our suggestions & optimized it to our liking! :+1:

wake up! Wake up!
I must be dreaming…:wink:


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