Disenchanting a rare gives too little spirit


The crafting and disenchants are as follows
common : 40 spirit cost to craft , 10 spirit disenchant - that’s 1/4 , 25%
rare : 100 spirit cost to craft , 20 spirit disenchant - that’s 1/5 , 20%
epic : 350 spirit cost to craft , 100 spirit disenchant - that’s 1/3.5 , 28%
legendary : 900 spirit cost to craft , 350 spirit disenchant - that’s 18/7 , 38%

Shouldn’t the rare card disenchant be somewhere along the lines ? Even blizzard has that 1/4 standard, I think this is quite a bit beyond greedy.


? It costs the next rarity down. Prismatics go across.

I don’t know about greedy, just a format.



common: 40 to craft, 10 disenchant
rare: 100 craft, 40 disenchant
epic: 350 craft, 100 disenchant
legendary: 900 craft, 350 disenchant

This is what the crafting would look like if it followed a tiered pattern. Each subsequent tier is crafted by disenchanting one card of the rarity above.


yea, thought rares de’d at 40. ?


Sadly; they do not.


1/4 standard for Blizzard? Commons dust for 5 (craft for 40) and rares dust for 20 (craft for 100).

The lowest dust you can get from a pack of all dupes is 40, lowest spirit of all dupes is 60.

Drops are much more forgiving in Duelyst compared to Hearthstone as well, so your average amount of crafting material gained from a pack is higher.


Does it really change that much? As long as the system globally gives enough spirit even for casual player, as it currently does, I think we should not be concerned about this “asymmetry”.

I think the game is quite generous anyway


In principle I’m with you but this really looks like it’s kinda unintended because there’s no logic behind it.
(Of course it is intended (I think) but it doesn’t look like that…)
So no complain from my side but DEing Rares always feels a bit… bad.


I, too, have noticed this strange discrepancy. It’s bothered me before. The lack of coherence bothers me considerably more than the lack of 20 spirit per rare does. Even when my collection becomes complete, it’s still going to bother the part of me that likes pleasing, elegant patterns.


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