Disenchant Aversion :)


Am I the only one with this problem. :slight_smile:

I am not talking about wanting to build a collection. But rather hoarding extras of cards because it feels bad to DE them.

Like… I have tons of legendaries I need and don’t have, but I also have stuff like 7 chaos elementals.

Why don’t I DE them? Because I always think “maybe the cards will be changed”. And because getting only 100 spirit for an epic feels like so little that it’s a waste. But of course, having 400 spirit tied up in excess chaos elementals is kinda dumb too, right, when I have other epics I could be using?

Maybe it’s just me. :slight_smile:


That’s a reasonable fear (although I will say I laughed a little at the mention of seven Chaos Elementals); I think it’s best to look at whether a card is too strong and also actively used in trying to determine whether it will be changed. Sleepers aren’t exactly nerfed cause nobody knows about them, and CP isn’t going to buff what amounts to random cards because they’re underused.

Also, you could take into consideration how long a card has been unchanged; at some point, I would imagine they become safe in that they’ve been unchanged for so long, rather than that they’re perfectly balanced.


I don’t have that many cards, but with the cards that I do have, I tend to feel the same way as you.

I try to balance it out by only disenchanting just enough cards to craft what I really need, and it seems to work out okay. However, if there are card changes, I’ll disenchant everything except what I’m currently using, for the value :slight_smile:

However, at the moment I have a freeze on crafting anything in anticipation of the new expansion!


The Sunk Cost Fallacy. The Misconception: You make rational decisions based on the future value of objects, investments and experiences. The Truth: Your decisions are tainted by the emotional investments you accumulate, and the more you invest in something the harder it becomes to abandon it.

Thr value of the extra cards in your collection is going to remain fairly static. Bonus spirit from balance patches won’t chase that value very much.


No, there are definitely other people who hoard extras of cards because it feels bad to DE them.


We all know you’re saying that because you have 10k Chaos Elementals too


Can totally relate there. Exact reasoning. Though I am a hoarder by nature so… :sweat_smile:


I have about 9000 surplus spirit currently, and only spend it if I really need a card for a particular idea. I amassed this amount by disenchanting any card that gets changed by a patch. After I re-rolled my entire collection that one time, I ended up with 4 elder silithars that I promptly disenchanted when they were changed. Not because they are bad, because I do not think that is true, but because I can always re-create them as I get 100% of their value in spirit.

I do this every time a patch rolls around and have so much surplus that I do not need to disenchant cards. It helps that I do not spend much of my spirit anyway on crafting new cards. This has led me to become a hoarder, because it is just more economical in the long run.


Same here. Also I haven’t crafted any card yet because I have this mentality that I will going to get the card in packs anyway so crafting is just a waste of spirit. So I just utilize whatever cards given to me and make the best use out of them. And the fact that I’m also a hoarder in all the games I’ve played and don’t use most of the resources that are given to me.


yall got ocd. cards are cards its just a game you will make em back eventually


This is sort of what I do as well, except there are so many cards I need that as soon as I DE changed stuff I end up spending it on other stuff.

Part of the problem also is that I am not the type to make one deck and just continually play it. I get bored, I like to try weird decks, so I need a lot of cards. I also stream most weeknights and I don’t want to bore people playing the same decks. :slight_smile:


Since I have enough cards to play most of what I want (with the exception of old reva spellhai) I just hoard everything. It’s been working out pretty well for me, I got full price on a whole bunch of epics, legendaries, and rares making perhaps 10k spirit off of them.


Well, if you spend spirit to craft cards that you then end up using regulary, you gain “value” from the card (in the form of entertainment) every time you use it. I could hoard every single extra copy I open, hoping it will get nerfed one day, but that means I would be starved for spirit and restricted to playing budget decks or sticking to just two or three factions.

I’ve missed out on a bunch of dust by disenchanting duplicates (disenchanted a prismatic rite of the undervault a few weeks ago) but it has enabled me to play a ton of different decktypes, I have all the “playable” cards for four factions, all the staple neutrals and enough “fun cards” to make some decent meme decks.

Since new expansions will be coming, simply sitting on extra cards just means I would constantly be trying to catch up to the meta, playing sub-par decks.

Besides, this whole “dust manegment” bussiness seems a little to close to managing my irl economy, which is the last thing I want to be doing when playing computer games (escapism ftw).


I got the opposite problem

I’m really tempted to dust this Prismatic Spectral Revenant I have, even though it’s an objectively good card… And it’s my only copy of that card, Prismatic or otherwise.

I have to fight the temptation every damn day of my life.


dust it to make a normal one, temptation gone

I just dust stuff I think I’ll never use, which leaves me feeling rich but also sometimes the burn; I disenchanted a jax truesight, a makantor warbeast, and several vorpal reavers before I started posting on the forums and gained my bearings.


I can’t argue with any of that. Thanks.

I just spent all of my gold – another thing I was hoarding for no reason – and got a few of the cards I would have otherwise crafted. I have about 10k spirit now, but about half of that is from cards I DEed “because it was free” and will probably need to make again (Jammers and Rites). I still have 0 revenants which makes it hard for me to play Abyssian, so I will probably break down and make those. That will leave me with not much leftover spirit unless I start DEing other things.

I know this is how it is supposed to work, the dust system compensates for the RNG. Just another thing I need to “get over” in my crazy mind. :slight_smile:


But then, if I don’t DE the normal Revenant, I’m missing out on a free Epic!


I have varying degrees of neuroses when it comes to disenchanting and crafting:

Tier SSS: P2W Ultimate -> Hoard everything for full refund.
Tier SS: P2W Penultimate -> Hoard all Legendary/Epic and nerfable extras for full refund.
Tier S: F2P Primordial-> Disenchant all extras, but hoard almost all the Spirit for no good reason.
Tier 1: F2P Nascent -> Disenchant all extras, but reluctantly craft some staples.


Disenchant every card to make as many serpentis as you possibly can

Game will let you make more than 3 of a card


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