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[Discussion Thread] Duelyst World Championship


Hello Everyone!

Well, i thought about making a thread in which we could discuss, as title reads, about the Duelyst World Championship, since i didnt see any topic related here in the forums.
Games, card picks, players, event itself, things we like, things we dont. Pretty much everything related to the event.

For those who dont know, yesterday we had some qualifiers, and honestly many games were reaaallly intense. I highly recomend watching it, that being for fun or learning purpouses.

Things i liked:

  • That Kara Mech deck :smiley: It seriously made me wanna play some mechs, and felt so fresh!

  • The broadcasters have been amazing, mogwai, letigress and wintermu7e have a lot of chemistry together, and Letrigress does a really nice job modetaring the questions and overall discussion.

  • The community. The chat was really fun, and i personally really enjoyed being there outside watching the actual games! And i liked that the Broadcasters took it into consideration, reading and participating in it.

Somethings i didnt like:
This is a more personal approach and an opinion on things that could be done better i guess

  • No advertising it properly: I came to know about the qualifiers yesterday simply because i opened twitch. I seriously had no idea, and after some research, i havent come upon any serious advertisment of it. This is a pitty honestly because it was really nice to see, and i would have missed it. To get even more people involved, more announcements have to made in my opinion, and i mean involved just by going and watching the games or participating in the chat, not just by playing.

  • Related to the above: I did a research and i didnt find any info about which players are qualifying, which are not. I think they play today, but i cant seem to find the time!
    No real info about it really. For example, i liked that Kaa mech deck and i dont remember player’s name, and i cant find it anywhere!

What you guys think about it? Did you see the games yesterday? Any favourites? :smile:


where can we watch the games? Im really interested on learning how to play.


That advertisement issue is really relevant. I just found out about the tournament through this forums post.


They are broadcasted on twitch, but in the game you have a “watch” feature that, among other things, tells you which streamers are connected and streaming. There you can find out if they are online.
The other way is just entering twitch and search “duelyst”


And i found about it just out of pure luck :confused:


@Yahlunna playing right now!

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