Disappointing meta


That’s what we’ve been trying to tell him.


while you are correct in this instance that removing replace would decrease the skill required to pilot decks, it is not always the case that “more RNG=less skill”


Let me guess.

The one who got great english and even better ideas - the suquel? Must be a great movie.

I’ll read it later.


There’s always the almighty Sphinx if you don’t want your opponent replacing. :wink:


There’s nothing barring the idea in my head that Sphynx should’ve been slightly reworked to be Vetruvian-exclusive, tho that’s my neutral hate speaking as always.


Counterexample please?


Positioning your General in such a way as to maximize the odds of a random spawn appearing on a spot you wanted it to?


Obelisks? Shidai’s bbs? Using Bloodmoon Priestess spawns optimally? The common factor in these is that the pool of outcomes is manageable both for you and the opponent, and no outcome is too game-breaking either way (except in very close games).


These cases are fine in a way, because their stuff is very manageable. But that only reminds me that this isnt really the RNG I complain about, the real offender is stuff like Grimes.


finding the best play here is far more interesting because of the rng in using letigress.

this chart is another way of looking at it, a lot of rng does not mean there is no skill involved and no rng also does not mean there is a lot of skill involved, they can be indepentent of each other.


I thought we were specifically talking about the “good” rng?


2 Titans? Replace for a third copy just for fun.


I agree with all except putting Hearthstone in “High skill high luck.” If anything, it’s “High Wallet high luck”


that was just the first image I got by searching for luck/skill chart :stuck_out_tongue:


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