Disappointing card interactions?


So I’m setting up this thread in hopes of securing an avenue of which we can look back on some of the more interesting card texts and wonder why the f*** they don’t work like we want them to. ( I wouldn’t mind have cute bunnies as my general! Really, I’d prefer it actually!)

I was browsing my collection some time ago and I foolishly thought that the resummon mechanic off of blood echoes would proc Mech %'s. I didn’t remember that it was OG rather than summon :expressionless:


This reminds me of when I first discovered that you couldn’t dispell “Stun”. I had 1 card in hand: an Ephemeral Shroud, and even though my opponent threatened lethal next turn, I thought I had the game won.

My opponent is at 2 health, and I watch my opponent lay down the Icy, and pray that Stun isn’t the ONLY effect in the game that can’t be dispelled. He couldn’t body block since we were both in top deck mode, and I didn’t want to risk replacing my Shroud to get a Rush minion (I was Vaath) just in case the interaction worked, and I wanted to find out for future purposes.

Sad to say that upon summoning my Shroud, the only effect that was lifted was that of my BBS. Vaath remained frozen in place, with a heart as cold as the Icy that had imprisoned him. A heavy “Well Played” was handed to me right afterwards, and never again will I try to dispel a Stun effect.

I still find this interaction strange. Dispelling isn’t just for spells. You can remove Shadow Creep even if made by something like Ooz (not a spell) or a Blazing Spine from a White Asp (also not a spell). But you can’t dispel Flash Freeze or Frigid Corona (both spells). Why is the Stun effect above the power of dispel?


Kid Beholder: Astral phasing and Iceblade Dryad breaking Ki Beholders stun, because somehow magically giving something flying breaks the effect even if flyers themselves gets stunned just fine. Bonus points for this being pointed out since Shimzar.

Prismatic Illusionist spawns: Prismatic Illusionist can (and will) on occasion overide your Reva/Zirix BBS spawn, leaving you with a measly one minion. Ditto for Obelysks.

Pets can choose to not move closer to a target at all, instead moving 2 spaces up or down for some convoluted reason, similarly ranged pets can ignore closer targets entirely and move to one a space further away due to AI limitations.


Mogwai had so much potential if he drew a card when moved for any reason (like jaguar), juxta, mds, hearth sister, blink…


Prophet of the white palm’s buff can’t be dispelled, so chromatic cold ends up doing no damage.


Obelysks spawning only one dervish when near another obelysk. All I can really think of
@kopiuyt I completely agree, I’ve wanted that for ages

[quote=“mmf, post:1, topic:9877”]
I was browsing my collection some time ago and I foolishly thought that the resummon mechanic off of blood echoes would proc Mech %'s. I didn’t remember that it was OG rather than summon :expressionless:
[/quote] Mechs should probably be changed to have bond, it’d be nice to see abbysian play them for once.


Then Abyssian would have an easy time with mechs, everyone else would have trouble


have you heard of our lord and saviour keeper of the vale?

plz make keeper more viable cpg


Do you have the skin for him?


muffled crying

how dare you assume keepers gender (though tbh I have no clue)


You don’t?



TBH m, this thread is pretty much a compilation of my experience with Rae


thats good if you ask me


Disappointing cards with interesting interaction and abilities (for me):

  1. Sphynx
  2. Alter Rex
  3. Kron (after nerf)
  4. Quartermaster Gauj
  5. The Scientist
  6. Paddo
  7. Zurael
  8. Envybear
  9. Firestarter
  10. Black Locust
  11. Captain Hank hart

and a dozen more…:pensive:

As a side note I hate how sometimes summoned token minions cancel each other if summoned on the same tile. For example Illusion cancels spellspark :cry:


I think that was more listing cards that are disappointing full stop :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

triggered that scientist is on there tho


What about Starhorn? I hear he can spew 5 of them out on turn 1. Shameless plug to meme thread.


Reaper of the Nine Moons or Unseven and Consuming Rebirth.

So much potential, but it’s a waste since their effects attempt to occupy the same space.


That’s why blood echoes exists


White Widow and Aethermaster.
These two just dont live…


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