Disapearing sprit



Spirit is disapearing from disenchanted cards.

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Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Disenchant a card. Spirit is not awarded
  2. When you go out of crafting screen and come back spirit shows upo. Hopwever
  3. Restart a game spirit disapears again.

I’ve seen over a hundred of spirit disapear that way. I bought 15 packs, opened, disenchanted dupes. Had 500+ spirit. Crafterd 3 dcommon cards. Still had 300+ spirit, now i open craft and I have 255 spirit T_T.

I think between gauntlet & disenchanting I’ve lost over 200 spirit today!

I just checked new crafted carts and amount of spirit I should have is even higher. I’ve also noticed this is not consistent, sometimes spirit is awarded, sometimes not when disenchanting. Give me back my spirit please :slight_smile: