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Hey folks!

Not new to the game, but new to the forums… So welcome y’all! :hugging:

You may know me from Discord where you can usually find me hanging around in #new_player (Meme-free zone!)

While waiting for Shim’Zar (Hype! Hype!) I decided to do something productive for once - Mostly for my own convenience so I only need to copy&paste a single link in the future… :smile:

So here it comes:

List of Text Guides


##Positioning and Strategy

##Deckbuilding Guides

Decklists and Meta Ranking


List of Video Guides








  • Video guides
  • List of class-specific guides
  • Writing a Shim’Zar primer/introduction

So that’s it for today… :wink:
Let me know if I screwed anything up or if you have a link to add to the list!

Budget list for beginners?
The ranking system is harsh too fast?
Hey there guys (and hopefully girls too)
F.A.Q. Construction Thread
F.A.Q. Construction Thread
Anyone has deck building tips?
Welcome everyone!
How to play this game?

I didnt make the positioning series


Woops. I’ll fix it. :wink:


This is great, good job. I wrote this which talks a bit about positioning and stuff if you wanted it


Done! :+1:

Also redid the Basic section and added some links to decklists.


You might want to add RyanH’s Decks for Every Faction to your list. As always, thanks for your work.


You’re welcome! :wink: Good idea - Looks like a great addition.


@preprealpha + blueluke – Thanks for the shoutout + appreciation! Glad to see me hitting the big lists now :open_mouth:. Thanks again!

SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION: The “Shim’zar Decks for Every Faction” should be now “Shim’zar decks for every General”! I’ve added 6 new decks, finishing the whole set. Remember: They may not be the most viable, but they are the most Shim’zar!

Thanks again,



It’s me who should be thanking you for making life easier for us!


And here’s a bump for another small update. :wink:

  • Added some more videos and guides to the list. (Mogwai, Scarzig, UnoPro)
  • Other minor changes


Really thanks, this is diamond for newbie as me!


Please add the Numot Gaming articles Duelyst - How to Evaluate Cards - Part 1 and Spelljammer School: How to Evaluate Cards: Part 2. I found the second article particularly useful.


Small update with @mogwai’s great new “Budget Bronze” video series and other minor stuff.
(And a shameless bump for visibility ;))