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Didn't they fix the DDOS issue?

I played a match against a Starhorn “Dance of Memes” deck, and I thought I knew what to expect: Kujata, White Palm, Warlock, etc…

What I didn’t know is that it can still make the turn rope thanks to the never ending animation, so I literally played 1 turn, watched the animation and lost.

Question: is it right that these things can still happen even after they’ve put the 10 cards threshold? I know was exceptional since the opponent managed to cast 3 Kujata, but still…
Am I missing something? The opponent abused a bug? Was a cheat? It’s all perfectly normal?

REPLAY: https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LaCq8QqOvu0EyLb3EAz

They fixed DDOShai specifically by adding the “can’t play cards in a row without dealing damage” rule. Kujata lets DDOShorn bypass that rule, so technically speaking they didn’t completely fix the DDOS issue.

It isn’t something that should be in the game (at least i hope it was not intended to be in the game), but as long as the game allows it (which is unlikely to change any time soon) there will be people who abuse it.

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