Did they nerfed drop rate in Core set?



I’m just wondering if they changed the drop rate in Core set just like in Shimzar set. I’ve just noticed that it’s harder now to get legends in core set compared before. Before, opening 5 packs at once always nets me 1-2 legends. But now I’ve been opening 10 packs at once and no legends seems to drop. I’ve noticed this a week ago or so. I usually collect gold for the entire week before spending them all at once to open packs. This happened to me last week and again this week. Have anyone noticed the drop rate too?


10, or even 20 packs isn’t a sufficient sample size to come to that conclusion.


Nope, seems the same to me. Maybe you’re just going through an unlucky spell. Happens to everyone.


That’s variability for you. While you can put a probability on a drop, it’s never guaranteed that you will get that specific outcome.


Nah fam, I still regularly get legendaries.


Nope got like a streak of 6 Legendaries in my last set of Orbs.
Having said that i’ll now not get a single legendary for a whole Month.


I thought the same this morning, getting only one or two rares for the last few days.


Nerfing the core set would be against CP’s officially stated goal of having the core set be more generous than the expansions. So it’s extremely unlikely that they nerfed it.


I have the same experience, didnt get any legendaries this months, only got two epics and handful of rares. I open a orb a day and before it used to be much more colourful . :blush: is it just unlucky streak? Can any of the devs confirm that drop rate didnt change?


Unlucky streaks happen. I opened 40 orbs and got 4 legendaries once, pre-Shim’Zar release. RNG’s gonna RNG.


Hmm… no?


Yooooo, I’m sooooo jelly


It was kinda sad actually.
All the cards were Abyssian or Vanar.
And we all know how filthy Abyssian/Vanar/Magmar/Lyonar/Vetruvian are.


I’m a Vetruvian main… -.-
And you dare say Songhai is the superior faction!?
Nay! NAY I SAY! Songhai is cool, but Spellhai has no honour. They disgust the Starstriders.


I opened 16 orbs recently with one legendary in them and two epics.

Now that was proably just bad luck. BUT I wouldn’t be surprised if CPG changed it without telling us. They want it to be a black box, so unless the community actively keeps making stats, then there is no safety.


Bought 15 orbs with actual money. Got 1 legendary and 3 epics in Total. Only got about 1000 Spirit out of them. Was kind of pissed and vowed never to spend anymore money on this Game after People tried to convice me this was normal and i should Be mad at myself.

This was after a whole month of not getting anything above epic in value. I’d say there’s a marked decline in orb value. I considered quitting but i’m in The hospital for 6 weeks and i might feel less mad afterwards.


We have not changed any droprates for core set.


Thanks for the direct rebuttal, Ryv.

@misanthropovore I hope you are on the mend soon!


Thanks for the well wishes, sadly it’s not something I can get better from, only worse.
That’s another reason why I dislike Luck-based progression like orbs, I have so very little of it to start with. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh man, what are you sick with?
That sucks, take it easy man