Did magmar get a meta deck recently?


i’m just curious about this. at the start of shimzar i struggled to see any magmar on ladder but now it’s one of the only things i play against


It’s just a good old midrange magmar with 3x thumping wave and 3x mandrake. I don’t think there’s anything specific yet, people are still experimenting with Rawr, Fractal and what not but in essence it’s the deck we’re all familiar with.


weird, i wonder what’s caused people to start playing it


When new expansion comes out it’s natural for people to try out new shit. But when things settle down, you end up seeing old decks updated with new cards. It’s normal. And maybe you just got unlucky, there’s six factions in the game and encountering of them a lot in a small period of time could easily be attributed to luck.


Floodhorn is viable even in Diamond, but I think I will hit the ceiling of its potential once I start to match against S-rank opponents.
Other than, yeah, nothing aside from Midrange with Mandrakes and Thumps seems good.