Diamond Worthy(at least)


Thought I’d post my Sajj deck list. I’ve been toying with it in Diamond. Critique or criticize to your heart’s content.

@RyanH Reader’s Decklabs? Has a nice ring to it :innocent:


Hmm, why Alcuin?
and what happens if they park something in the corner?



Alcuin has become an absolute MUST in this deck. Think of all the removal, out of hand damage, and dispel Vetruvian DOESN’T have. Alcuin affords the opportunity to now have it :smiling_imp:

The same thing that happens to EVERY Vetruvian deck if they park a minion in a corner :slight_smile:

This deck isn’t for the faint of heart. You MUST anticipate your opponent’s movements, and the needs of the match. That’s the only way you can be successful with it. Even then, it’s a good 60/40 chance you’ll win. It’s immensely satisfying to play, though.


“Reader’s Digest” sounds more fun :wink:


just curious, why meltdown over nosh? Nosh has won me so many games that 7 random damage wouldn’t and costs 1 less to activate. not to mention the fact that if it lives for a turn it’s much more threatening than meltdown



Nosh is amazing. That’s an absolute truth. I did run him, for a bit.

Meltdown is better because he’s immediate damage/removal on turn 8.
IF Nosh can survive; he’s not active until turn 8. He’s just too slow for this deck’s needs.


good point. i’ve just found that nosh generally has higher damage output. most of the time he either ends the game or puts them in such a bad position i can follow up with more damage next turn for the win



He can certainly do that. My experience with him has been a win-more or he’s immediately dealt with.


Why Pyromancer? Does he actually work for you? I thought he was dangerous to use do to Bloodtears and such running around, not to mention that he is lackluster without buffs and even then he is easy to remove (unless you are facing a fellow Vetruvian :sob:).


Have you considered Ephemeral Shroud over Siphon Energy? It leaves a body to help accelerate into your larger threats. It also dispels a space, not a minion, so things like Mechazor and Concealing Shroud could be worked around a little better.


i dont see much draw in this deck. theres first wish and alcuin and thats only 5 cards that cycle themselves, and not really draw. considering the number of 2/3 drops do you end up topdecking a lot?


I run Pyromancer because he’s that good. If he stays, you get a good S1W or S2W buff candidate that doubles as ranged removal. If the opponent uses removal(even Alchemist), you know that’s one less for your bigger threats. Pyromancer sits in a great area of not worth the removal, almost. He’s easily worth an Alchemist use. He’s just not “worth” the hard removals.

I’ve considered Shroud. Siphon just works better. It’s free. It allows you to make more efficient plays around the board your opponent has set up. You don’t need acceleration into larger threats, honestly. This deck takes knowing your opponent’s plays before they do. That’s why I run Siphon over Shroud.

I haven’t top-decked with this, yet. Not once. There is a lot of shared draw in the meta at the moment. You MUST out play your opponent at every turn. That’s the sad truth of Sajj(and Vetruvian*) for the time being.

Obelisk Zirix can make a mistake and still come out on top. It has a bit more room to flex. Sajj needs to punish an opponent’s misplay. You don’t have the luxury of making mistakes. They’re far too costly as Sajj.


did i play against you recently? i hardly ever see pyro but i ran into someone playing it in the last few days. almost destroyed my sajj deck with second wish but i had a tiger



Your name isn’t on my last few days of matches?


I haven’t played ranked in like a year and I got to diamond in less than 24 hours using a battleloli creep deck. I think S rank would be a greater milestone so get back to me if you make it so I can steal your deck and get those ez chevrons. As soon as I hit diamond, I had to pause my anime episodes every other turn because people started fighting back.


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