Diamond budget-ish Lyonar deck


Firstly I don’t want kevin2hard and raqyee to argue under this post, I know you guys are better at Lyonar deckbuilding and have slightly different opinions about it but hey it’s my topic. If someone wants a fun kinda budget combo deck, enjoy. It started as meme sky phalanx deck but it evolved into a standard combo but with one copy of SP as a additional win con. Anyway if anyone cares, it can carry you with no problems to diamond. Lastly I wanted to ask for any opinions how to make this a S-rank list, I play mostly meme decks and don’t know much about deckbuilding.


The deck would probably benefit from more consistency.

For each card, I would ask myself “What do I want this card to do?”.

If the answer is “I want to this card to do something that is strong in every stage of the game and against every sort of opposition”, then I would play 3 copies of it (examples would be Silverguard Knight, Azurite Lion, Holy Immolation).

Is the answer “It is very strong in some circumstances, but very weak in others, yet those situations can show up throughout all stages of the game”, then I would play 2 copies (examples would be Tempest, Circle of Life)

I would only ever play 1 copy of a card if the card has a huge late game potential and nothing outside of that. Having only 1 copy means that you can only every reliable count on that card to show up if you have a lot of draws/replaces and given your absence of card draw that is only the case in the late game. So Sky Phalanx seems like a great card to have 1 copy of, but Skorn seems like a very strange 1-of. Its effect is amazing in the early and mid game but poopy in the late game. Yet, by only running 1 copy you’re limiting your ability to reliably play it in the early and mid game.

Same holds true for Arclyte Regalia and probably also Sun Wisp, Saberspine Tiger and maybe Sunsteel. I would bump all those cards up to 3 copies.

As for general card choices: I’ve never been a big fan of Repulsor Beast in Lyonar. I feel like Lyonar is in general one of the slower aggro decks (especially given the way you built your deck) and as such the tempo gain of the Beast feels very weak to me. But then again, it might be great if you can use it consistently to clear the way for a buffed up big attack.

I guess the main question is whether you can reliably use Divine Bond and Afterblaze to combo people out. From my experience that very rarely ever happens (at least from Diamond onwards) and if you begin the turn with a big minion still on board, then you are already so far ahead that DB/Afterblaze are just win-more cards. Which is sad, because I always liked the game play possibilities that Divine Bond offered but after hitting Diamond I slowly phased out all of my DB/Afterblazes because the situations in which they won me games which weren’t won already were very few and far between.

I always liked bursting down my opponent out of nowhere but sadly that stops happening once you start to play against opponents who play around exactly that ):

Eventually I transformed my deck to a minion-based tempo deck only running spell cards that allow me to (re-)gain tempo. The burst effect of DB/Afterblaze was eventually replaced by the burst of Saberspine Tiger, Primus Fist, Lyonar’s BBS and Holy Immolation. It’s much less flashy, but more reliably and - most importantly - more flexible because all those cards offer value throughout the whole game whereas Divine Bond especially is only really good at closing out games.

Maybe this helps (: but in general: take this with a grain of salt. I’m a relatively new player as well and only made it to S this month. So maybe there is a spot for DB in the meta after all. I would certainly like to see it!


Repulsor beast is the only hard removal I have, yes I know it’s only temporary solution, but I don’t like martydom. Of course I’m fully aware of everything you said about this deck, but the purpose of this thread is that every deck can reach diamond, even if you’re not very good at deckbuilding. I’ll work at adjusting the quantity of some specific cards in this deck. Especially tigers and skorns, but I think I’ll run 3 tempests and no skorns, mostly because of pax. Oh and I run only one Regalia because I don’t have more.


Everyone always says to run Slo, but I never really liked including the card. The best part of a provoke is holding down your opponent, but Slo will suicide itself at the beginning of your turn whereas other provokes you can keep healthy and reposition them to be more of a nuisance.


Couldn’t agree more. Played with Slo quite a bit and was very underwhelmed. He’s cute when you can drop a Holy Immolation as soon as you get to 4 mana, but that barely ever is necessary and outside of that Slo is most of the time just a wasted card. He’s fine if you can BBS him right away to get at least some mileage out of him, but as a Turn 1 play he’s terrible because he won’t get you a Mana Tile on the following turn and it’s usually rather poopy to spend two cards to tempo out a 4-drop on Turn 1 if you go second.

The one thing that makes Provoke creatures good is their ability to control the board, but when your Provoke dude just throws itself at everything he sees all that board control goes out of the window.

I feel like the only Lyonar list that could potentially run Slo is the Zoo list which just plays 3 Spelljammers, a bunch of 0-2 drops and buffs. There you might have enough card draw to not care about the card loss that Slo represents and are just happy about another cheap body that can carry buffs. But I’m not sure if Zoo Lyonar really is the best way to play Lyonar. Might try it out once I have Spelljammers :3