@Devs: Patch termination


Devs, could you give us a rough idea when the patch will come (or is planned to), plz?

Background: I really like to have an idea when I have to save my game-data via t2k5-script. I already did but I have to do it once and once again after playing. That’s a bit messy.
If I would know it’s sometime today would help. If you say it’s day after tomorrow would also help. But not knowing nothing is a bit… meh.


Edit: Seems it’s still bi-weekly, just a tad late.


My information is: Patch incoming soon™.
I may be wrong tbh.


Based on previous experience, I would say either today or tomorrow


Patch was aimed for yesterday, but due to technical issues we are aiming for today, short of tech gods smiting us again.


Honestly, for a few months there we were getting mid-season patches on the 20th-ish. It’s really a blessing to just get more than a week with a mid-season patch :stuck_out_tongue: Almost as much of one as having a game dev that likes to update and tweak so frequently. I’ve played some games where I would have payed a subscription fee for bi-monthly updates xD


Question has been answered (and patch has been revealed). Locking thread~