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Devouring Fish in a Desert

I’ve got from bronze 23 to gold 10 in 2 days.

It’s been a long time since I played. By coincidence I started browsing https://duelspot.com/ during my smoke breaks and stumbled upon the Adventures of the Devouring Fish deck by @miguelosz:


Oh, I recalled the deck well enough. At the time of its creation its spirit cost was unbearable for me, since I was unlucky enough to never get the key cards for the deck. But finally I crafted 3 UnSeven, 2 Keepers, a Dagona and the last copy of Nether Summonning, switched Vellum Scry to Yielding Dephs (having 3 creep tiles is more consistent in Cass, IMO, than preserving Wraithling from Vorpal :wink: ) and here’s the beauty (all credits to @miguelosz):

[Devouring Fish]MTozMjMsMzozMTQsMzozMzAsMzoxMTAxOCwzOjExMDM2LDM6MTExMjEsMzoyMDA0OSwzOjIwMDUwLDM6MjAwNTIsMzoyMDE5OSwzOjIwMjQzLDM6MjAzNjcsMzozMDAxNCwzOjMwMDMw

Did I start this thread only to post an old deck with minor adjustments? Of course not! It is here to support my story and for the sake of comparison. Cause I got Vet quest today, but wanted to play Big Abyssian. Rejoice, Vetruvian lovers, the Fish itself have wandered into your lands!


Well. Here it is. And again, today I got from I believe Silver 15 to Gold 10 in no time with it, so it is at least remotely playable. And it is a work in progress.

The problem is, unlike Nether Summoning, Corpse Combustion doesn’t place revived minions where you want them most. On the bright side though, you can revive more than 2 minions.

Mirrorrim is for copying Unseven mostly. Worst case - it will resummon itself. Best case - you’ll ramp as crazy. This affects hand size, so here’s some cheap unconditional draw in the form Divine Spark (and really, it’s not that bad, I tend to use it in some of my decks occasionally). We have no ping, so Rust Crawler. Wasteland Wraith is here for the test purpose, I used Sandwhirl some time before, but I love how this guy eats removal more often than not - then it’s more easy to stick Aymara later. Abundance of our own removal (BoA, Grapnel, Dagona and Wraith…kinda) means we can play reactive game easily.

Btw, mirroring Aymara if fine too.

Mostly - nobody dies. Best case scenario is reviving Unseven while having something else dead and some DW in action bar. Games are slow but totally dominating. (for one side or the other)

Maybe, just maybe, standard golem package is a better earlygame choice here, but I’m so tired of it forcing its way into any Vet deck, let me play something else, pretty please.

All in all, both decks are fun. Play them. Love them. Tinker with them. Especially with mine :stuck_out_tongue: The original Devouring Fish is better.



The cult appreciates your efforts, as always :fish:


Iä-R’lyeh! Cthulhu fhtagn!


Deck update:

Consistency? Never heard of it.

Notable additions:

  • Reliquarian. Works better than Zurael. Better than Corpse Combustion. Better than God.
  • Fliers. Since resummoning happens on random spots, flying seems to be the way to go. Dropped Spark, cause card draw from Shrike, added artifacts, cause Oserix. I finally found a place for my one off SpineCleaver :sweat_smile:

Notable exclusions:

  • Wraith - doesn’t work. The prize goes to Sandswirl, as always.
  • Mirrorrim - maybe works, but hard to analyse.
  • Dioltas - sadly, Reliquarian needs Vet minions. I would better drop Allo, but had to drop Dioltas.

Any thoughs?

P.S. Corpse combustion hardly works in this setup. The core cards here are Reliq and Unseven. I guess, Combustion was designed to revive swarms of cheap DW minions. Maybe I’ll skip it in this list and try another approach to make it work.


Please stop posting incredibly interesting decks that require so many legendaries I don’t own.
Or please continue, I’m a bit torn between the two. :slight_smile:


Corpse Combustion was a really fun card to try and combo with. The one I made a while back used Sand Swirl, Void Hunter, and Khanuum-Ka.

Sand Swirl let you refresh a minion with ease just in case a trade doesn’t result in their death. Also worked well with Sarlac letting you summon an extra two, equaling three. Void Hunter was added in together with Shrike. And with Khanuum-Ka you could summon an entire wave of them, granted the deck used Pax and 1 Cataclysmic fault. Those are my thoughts, provided you want to keep Corpse Combustion. Otherwise, really fun deck.


Hmmmm, a wave of Kha-Khas is definitely something I’d love to try. Thx for an idea :+1:


i told myself i’d swap them for the dervish suite someday…but years have went by and i’m still missing cards for it.
that said, if your deck has plenty of spells in it, a manaforger/abjudicator really makes divine spark flow.


Definitely some fun themes going on here, let me throw my stuff into the mix:

It is a little old and may need some updating, (may be better off with the golem package and skipping falcius/dusk/mystic) but at least last time I visited the deck I opted out of it in favor of the theme/healing. I like the thought of maybe going for Wind Shrike over Falcius as well.

And I also tried an Unseven variant back in the day:

And my most recent deck with the Fish:


Man this is a nice deck, I enjoyed the match against it, if only you came over a few games later I might just had a better challenge to offer.


Nice touch with the fliers and Combustion :stuck_out_tongue: Reminds me of my Flying Wish deck a bit.


If I can offer my only vet deck which I think is great.

I call it how to drop vualt on 5 Mana and follow up with lock and sirocco for Max tilt.
I’m not that good with everything vet, but this works well at the moment


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