Dev Talk Feedback Thread


Hi guys, with the finish of our first Dev Talk which can be found here:

We want to know how you felt about it. What did you like? What didn’t you like? What would you like to see improved in the future.

Feel free to let us know :smiley:


It was p dank, although the chat was a little crazy, and people spammed their questions a lot. Maybe it would be best if there was a more controlled way for questions to be asked?


I thought it was going to be all serious businness and stuff, but instead it was this nice casual thing going on which was a pleasant surprise. At first I was a little disappointed because I was hoping for an official announcement regarding the expansion but I got over it, I’m in no rush. All in all, I’m not regretting messing up my sleep schedule in order to watch it. Seeing these on weekly basis would be really nice.


As someone who worked through the presentation, a bullet point list of highlights would be cool.


While very interesting, I do feel there were some interesting questions that got lost in the chat. Would it be alright to send in questions in the future before a dev talk? A mailbag, if you will, of questions sent by people who cannot watch the stream for one reason or another.


My feedback is quite different :slight_smile: I cannot provide a reasonable comment, since I’m not a native speaker and I have a hard time going through 1 hour of contents in English. I started listening for a while, but I have to be really focused to follow the chat and I ended up missing several contents. I think I’m too lazy to focus on this for 1 hour.

Hence, my feedback is: give us a transcript of the key contents of the talk. This would also be useful to native speakers with limited time.


I’m going to go against what most people seem to have said thus far. I’d prefer if the developers came with some stuff to talk about from the get-go. In the preamble the devs said, “Ask us questions about the design process of Duelyst and we’ll try to provide insight” or some such (paraphrased from memory). So, why not just start with such talk, give us insight on stuff we might not even think of asking, and only then open the floor for questions?

Moreover, most questions which revolved around balance were consistently passed over. Was not a fan of that.

The devs were pleasant, and the stream was comfortable to watch. But, a “casual comfortable fluffy stream” isn’t what I tune into dev talks for. Yes, it was announced to be “More Casual”, but it was a bit too casual for my liking.


It was an okay experience just about what I expected without fans being a part process.It was less stressful on the devs because they didn’t have answer awkard questions.Suggestions

1.We want questions answered.If they are going do to a dev talk they can’t avoid questions.We don’t care if we get the PC answer we just want questions answered.

2.Let some of questions come in advance.It isn’t that hard to set up dev talk thread and ask the community to their questions in it.

Taking that a step futher,It could be put conjunction with a top 10 questions/concern list where the forums does a poll of what is the top their top ten concerns for duelyst.

The devs answers top ten questions first,Then go through the general questions thread for more questions.Then maybe have live portions for live questions as well.Both sides benefit from asking questions in advance.

3.The format with the host and 2 devs is the superior format.A host fills dead air, can pick out live questions,and other misc stuff.They are good community members who could host but I am guessing CPG doesn’t want a repeat of last roundtable where I guess the devs felt a little ambushed .If that case Wintermu7e and JuveyD are now devs and both would be solid host.

4.This should happen once a month.Probably arround mid month patch.That way you could talk about

1.Last month cards and patch and feel for whats happening with them in the game.

2.The general balance patch being put out

3.Hint at upcoming stuff in game

4.Community questions.

5.Finally I like the devs playing the game route BUT you guys have an expansion coming out and it will be the one single times the community cares about watching the devs play.A stream like this before the launch where the devs can talk about the new cards and designs of new cards,show off new cards in action would be great.


Overall, I enjoyed the Dev talk (even though there were some technical issues in the beginning), and I like the points they were able to cover throughout the talk, specifically (with my somewhat lacking memory of last night):

Card Balance: Buffing and Nerfing Philosophy

I think the way they approached this topic was a smart one, and were able to effectively lay out their design thoughts. They touched upon briefly why they were against buffing cards (and specifically how they felt Astral Crusader missed it’s mark), and how changing one card has a huge impact on the metagame. Another thing that I’m glad they talked upon is regarding nerf threads/claims, and how they do collect data on cards like Holy Immolation and Spectral Revanent and how well they are performing to determine how well the card is and if it requires a nerf. On a somewhat related note, they specified how many iterations that a card goes through before they released (ranging from 2 to about 10 for the Shimzar expansion alone), which I felt was reasurring for their design process.

Addressing Upcomming Content
This was also a bit brief, but they talked about how many things that players demanded are (usually) in the works, which is somewhat reassuring and what I hope some players take to heart as well.

This isn’t as strong as the rest, but I somewhat enjoyed seeing the devs play against each other during the livestream (and seeing some of there misplays). I specifically liked the Sphynx Starhorn deck, as it gave me a glimpse into the effectiveness of some of the new cards (like the new magmar card) in decks like that.


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