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Dev please help, there's probably an exploit


Lately whenever i won a fight the person i’m fighting will do something i don’t know that will throw me out of the game with the message “we hit a snag”

i just had an extremely satisfying win with double killing edge and i think the opponent quit at the same time he dies and it nulifies my win, and it was my third streak, completely ruined everything, please look into this.

this only happens when i win, when i lose it never hits a snag. when i checked my profile, my win streak didn’t increase i stayed at rank 5, that win should have brought me to 4. please help.

edit: also please give me back the rank i deserve :frowning:


I had the snag thing in Gauntlet and the win didn’t count. I only had it twice in 2 months, do you have it more often? What makes you think it’s something they do?


it happened to me 3 times already.

the reason why i think it’s their doing is that, i used to play a game called Shadowverse, and in Shadowverse if you quit like that sometime you’ll won. so every player just quit at the end of a game.

as you can probably tell, i’m very new to the game only been 2 weeks + so i don’t know if this is a common bug or not, because this felt extremely infuriating, and now i’m really afraid to play a game. i think a third winstreak in diamond is kind of a big deal for me so i wish it was counted so i could reach my daily goal. at this rate i might not make it to S if this stupid bug keeps happening.

edit: i added the person, and he said he didn’t do anything. god :confused:


Hmm I might be wrong but I thought Diamond rank and up didn’t have winstreaks (well, no bonus progression for them is more correct). So if it doesn’t count it as a loss but just as either a draw or no match played, you’re not really losing more than that one game.


ah cool thanks for the info, but really it doesn’t solve the fundamental issues.

this is a bug, and a game breaking one, nobody should act as if nothing is wrong in my opinion.


I am not acting as if nothing is wrong.

However I do have a new opinion on your latest post I kind of want to share:
I feel ‘game breaking’ is another order of magnitude. For example, if people could never progress out of Bronze for a month, or if people would open orbs but cards would not be added to their collection, that would be game breaking.


there’s no word in between game breaking and just a regular bug. if there was i would use it.

a non game breaking bug is for example harmless graphical glitch.
but if a bug actually interferes anything from happening it can be classified as game breaking i think, what else am i supposed to call it?


I hit the snag only once and it was when i was looking at my colection…

To be honest, I think it’s a bug. Duelyst is full of this litle thinks that need fixing. Like invisible atack animations, bad text placement of the lore, snags and some sound bugs.

Please, Dev, have mercy on us.


Topic is not discussion-oriented, and is much better suited for communication via a Support Ticket. Closing.

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