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Deutsch translation feedback

First and foremost, nice to see i18n coming to Duelyst, but the translation looks like it was done by babelfish or someone who just got the english texts out of context and doesn’t know the first thing about Duelyst, CCG/TCG or Games in general.
Please hire a translator who has experience atleast in (Online) CCG/TCGs. Some translations are pretty bad.

Incomplete list of stuff I’d change:

  • “Deutsche” is not the right word for a language selection, it should be “Deutsch”.
  • In general you translated some things that don’t need translating (Deck is perfectly fine, while you left Draft in english, which I’d argue is less known than Deck). Kinda strange at some times.
  • Slider below the Duelyst Logo has some untranslated lines (“Unearthed Prophecy” e.g.)
  • Spielen -> Üben -> “Choose your opponent” missed
  • Spielen -> Üben -> “Übungsspiel spielen” too long for button
  • Zusehen -> “Watch” button untranslated
  • Sammlung -> Abbreviations on top don’t work the same if “Lyonar Kingdoms” becomes “Königreich Lyonar”, same for the rest. Only vertruvian survived.
  • Many cards have missing texts, probably known. Bloodborn-Spell translation not highlighted. Several hover-texts missing (battle pet e.g.)
  • Sammlung -> Config: Unearthed Prophecy not translated, probably everywhere it’s mentioned.
  • Create Deck -> “Import/Export Deck” should be “Deck importieren/exportieren”
  • Spirit shouldn’t be translated with “Geist”. Germans will gain “Ghosts” when disenchanting cards now, which is plainly wrong. Should be “Seelen” (and Seelenkugeln instead of Geistkugeln)
  • Rüstkammer (Armory) should be Arsenal. Shorter and more commonly used in video games so far. I don’t even know when I last heard or read the word “Rüstkammer”.
  • Freunde -> “Empfehlungsprogramm” too long for button
  • Many, many missing texts still. Didn’t even look at texts on cards, the solo adventures or the codex.
  • Oh, and changing languages promts you with a “Please restart”. The game should probably restart itself, like pretty much any other game that has to restart because of some config changes :slight_smile:

Good job collecting that!

Unearthed Prophecy is a name, so I wouldn’t translate that but I saw stuff like that translated in other games. I think it is a point you can argue about.

I didn’t look into the translation myself, will have to do that at some point.

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Every other expansion has been translated though.


The funny thing is that occasionally some players, including myself, popped up and offered themselves for localisation. They have been ignored because CPG wanted a professional work done :slight_smile:

I really don’t get why something in such a bad shape has entered the game, though admittedly in beta.

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Refusing the help of a group of native speakers and instead doing it yourself when you have no clue what your doing, sounds totally professional to me.

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Hey all,

I think the Team wanted the German players to have a localization sooner than the time necessary to finish the translation of Unearthed Prophecy beforehand. Needless to say, that’s coming real soon as well :smiley:

As for volunteer work for the translation, the corporate environment doesn’t allow that much…freedom when it comes to that.

However, we really appreciate your feedback & suggestions on this, so please feel free to post them here in order to be forwarded to the Duelyst team for implementation, if deemed appropriate.


Just out of curiosity, but why even start with german in the first place? It’s not exactly a common and far spread language. Are there so many german players around in the forums/ingame?

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Yeah, i mean, i understand that Simp. Chinese its a non since they cant publish the game on china yet, but Korean or Japanese would be great choices to expand the game on Asia, and Spanish (on MX or SPA version) its a must for Latam. Those 2 regions have a masive CCG comunity bought comp and casual. GErman looks as a weird choose to start

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Ohhh boy.

My theory about how "Battle Pets" has been translated to "Kampfgeziefer"

Someone made a type when using a dictionary and typed “pest” instead of “pets” and got “Ungeziefer” (pest / vermin) as a result. The “Un” got dropped and we have this amusing neologism “Kampfgeziefer” :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. “Kampfgeziefer” is not a word. Like, really not.
    “Kampftier” oder “Kriegstier” or something but not “-geziefer” (which doesn’t exists).

  2. Inconsistency for the translation of “opponent”; some cards use “Gegner”, other use “Gegenspieler”. cf Vindicator, Decimus, The High Hand, Chakkram, Sphynx

  3. Faulty rules text

  • Battle Panddo:
    Original: "Whenever this minion takes damage, deal 1 damage to all enemies."
    German: “Wenn dieser Scherge Schaden erleidet, erleiden alle Genger 1 Schaden.”
    (Whenever this minion takes damage, all enemies take 1 damage)

German, correct: “Wenn dieser Scherge Schaden erleidet fügt er allen Genern 1 Schaden zu”

Reason: The current wording is misleading, not indicating that Battle Panddo is dealing the damage (which is significant due to e.g. Death Strike Seal or Quartermaster Gauj)

  • Pandamonium
    E: "Transform ALL minions into 0/2 Panddo that cannot be attacked until end of turn"
    G: “Verwandelt ALLE Schergen in Panddos mit 0/2, die nicht angegriffen werden können.”
    (Transform ALL minions into 0/2 Panddo that cannot be attacked)

Missing “(… werden können) bis zum Ende des Zuges”.

  • Stone to Spears

E: "A friendly Obelysk gains +3 Attack and may move and attack this turn, if able."
G: “Ein verbündeter Obelysk erhält +3 Angriff und kann sich diesen Zug bewegen, falls möglich.”
(A friendly Obelysk gains +3 Attack and may move this turn, if able.)

Missing “(…bewegen) und angreifen, (falls möglich).”

  • Death Knell
    E: "Summon all friendly non-token Arcanysts destroyed this game nearby."
    G: “Beschwört auf Nachbarfeldern alle Arkanysten, die keine Token sind und in diesem Spiel zerstört wurden”.
    (Summon all non-token Arcanysts destroyed this game nearby)

Missing “(…alle) verbündeten (Arkanyster…)”.

  • Flash Reincarnation
    Uses the old wording (the one that allowed double-flashing)

Should be: “Wenn die nächste Karte, die du diese Runde spielst ein Scherge ist, kostet dieser 2 weniger und erleidet 2 Schaden.”

  • Natural Selection

Needs to be reworded

  • Kinetic Equilibrium
    E: "Deal 2 damage to ALL minions in a 3x3 area. Friendly minions in the area also gain +2 Attack."
    G: “Fügt ALLEN Gegnern in einem Bereich von 3x3 2 Schaden zu. Verbündete Schergen in diesem Bereich erhalten ausserdem +2 Angriff.”
    (Deal 2 damage to ALL enemies in a 3x3 area (…))

Should be "Fügt ALLEN Schergen in (…).

Also, word order could be improved:

“Fügt ALLEN Schergen in einem 3x3 Felder grossen Bereich 2 Schaden zu. Verbündete Schergen in diesem Bereich erhalten (ausserdem) +2 Angriff.”

  • Visionar
    E: "Whenever ANY player draws a card, this minion gains +1/+1."
    G: “Erhält +1/+1, wenn ein BELIEBIGER Spieler eine Karte ausspielt”
    (Gains +1/+1 whenever ANY player plays a card)

Should be “(…eine Karte) zieht.”

  • Captain Hank Hart
    E: "Whenever this minion deals damage, restore that much Health to it."
    G: “Wenn dieser Scherge Schaden verursacht, wird dein General um diese Menge Leben geheilt.”
    (Whenever this minion deals damage, restore that much Health to your General)

Should be “(… Schaden verursacht) wird er um diese Menge Leben geheilt.”

  • Zen’Rui the Blightspawned
    E: "Take control of a nearby enemy minion with 2 or less Attack.“
    G: “Du übernimmst die Kontrolle über einen gegnerischen Schergen mit 2 oder weniger Angriff”.
    (Take control of an enemy minion with 2 or less Attack.”

Should be "(…gegnerischen) benachbarten Schergen mit (…)

  1. Strange Translation of Card Names

Maybe later.


German looks as a funny language to learn indeed.

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Trust me, it’s not. There are aspects of that language that are so complicated that even most germans don’t get them right. Learning that if your not a native is a pain.

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…except when your own native language is already more complicated than German. Oh wait nope, it’s still a pain.


I lived in Germany for 3 months, I considered myself lucky if I managed to read properly menus and street signs :slight_smile:

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I really would recommend the Devs to NOT translate everything. I’m thinking of things like Keywords, Tribes,… like that.


I’ve tried to come up with a translation for “Battle pets” that doesn’t sound completely retarded… i failed. So yeah, probably better to not translate certain things. “Minion” is a similar case. Translating it literally just sounds dumb.


I suspect the issue is that it does not sound that clever even in English :slight_smile:

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Don’t know. I think in English it’s OK. But @baharoth: I tried exact these two words and as you say… translation sounds not really good.

You could translate “battle” 1 to 1 to “Schlacht” but there’s not really a word for “pet” in German that has only a bit of the charm the English word “pet” has.
So I think I would go for “Kriegstier” (that would be War Animal in English) but there’s a difference between battle and war and pet and animal…
Some things cannot be translated 1 to 1.

Same for “Minion” - as @baharoth already said. There just is no word for it. And the words the dictionaries tell you for it are words that really nobody uses. So I would let the word untouched.
There was a movie “Minions”. And the movie makers had given the movie a completely different title - and in the movie the minions just were called “Minions”… and this was a multi-million render-movie. I think they know why they did it the way they did. There’s just nothing better.

Edit: And NO WAY that you can use “Kampfgeziefer” without having every German speaking human being tears in the eyes from laughing! :joy:


I know. “Kampftier” isn’t particularly good, either.

Battle --> Schlacht
Pet --> Haustier

–> “Schlachthaustier” :zirixconfused:

Of course, a “Schlachthaus” is an abattoir, so translating back to English we would have “abattoir pet” or “slaughterhouse pet” :stuck_out_tongue:

“Minion”… personally, I’d go with “Kreatur” (creature) because it’s relatively neutral. I’d prefer “Lakai” to “Scherge” but either is cumbersome enough that it doesn’t really matter.

Or, as pointed out by @locoblutaxt, just keep it as “Minion” (or would that be impossible because of Legal Reasons ™ ( :wink: ) ?).

Some of the card names, though… Sunforge Lancer is “Lancier der Sonnenschmiede” - which is a literal translation but “Lancier” is such a rare word in German. “Lanzenritter der Sonnenschmiede” would also be literal but quite long…


Aaaaand isn’t that funny in a good way? xD

I guess the thing is that the Deutsch-Denglisch balance is extremely subjective and no easy feat. You can either leave most of the keywords untranslated, or find a German equivalent.

And then there’s the fact that translators and developers alike have to take into consideration players who have 0% (ok, like 10%) English skills and never played a similar game. That’s why you have Kampfgeziefer which isn’t a real word, but it’s kinda funny and has the vibe of a Battle Pet, IMO :smile:


I haven’t seen it from this perspective so far. Yeah - you might be right.

I’ve talked with two friends about a possible translation of Battle Pet. At the end we was agreed that Kampftier would be the best translation.
While we had a lot of fun discussing it we wanted to find the most serious translation. If “funny in a good way” is an option… well then I think you can go for Kampfgeziefer. :rofl:

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